Advantages of Using Bamboo in Your Home Garden

Advantages of Using Bamboo in Your Home Garden

Whether you’re just starting to design your home garden or looking for something special to make your garden stand out, bamboo may be the answer. Whether it be a statement piece like a bamboo fence or the subtle addition of a bamboo hanging planter, this versatile material can take your home garden’s design to the next level.

The advantages of designing your home garden with bamboo products don’t stop at aesthetics. Bamboo is trendy, affordable, sustainable and eco-friendly, so it’s something you can feel good about adding to your garden. In this guide, we’ll discuss what the advantages of using bamboo products in your home garden are, how you can bring bamboo into your home garden design through easy DIY projects and what kind of bamboo to get started with.
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How To Enhance Your Bamboo Fencing with Stain

When it comes to your property’s exterior, interior or outdoor decor, do you enjoy a natural, earthy feel? Are you drawn to the unique look of natural materials and how they can make your home or business stand out? Whether you’re aiming for an island aesthetic, tiki-themed or unique, stylish fencing option with a natural feel, bamboo is a material that can add a tropical flair or earthy touch when incorporated into property or interior design.

Whether you’re installing interior bamboo fencing to your building’s walls, yard, around your patio or garden, around your outdoor restaurant or bar area or any other setting, bamboo will add a refreshing, all-natural, attractive vibe and sustainable element to your property.

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How to Install a Bamboo Fence

How to Install Bamboo Fence

Are you hoping for a way to personalize your yard with aesthetic or useful boundaries that provide a practical architectural use while also conveying a refreshing style? If you’re thinking about putting in a fence for your space, you probably have at least one idea of how it can better the grounds of your commercial property or residence, but fence installation will provide you with numerous benefits around your exterior, especially when it comes to building a bamboo fence.

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From bamboo basics to step-by-step instructions on installation, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to install a bamboo fence.

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Bamboo Fence

A bamboo fence is a classic element for a tropical-themed yard. Bamboo certainly evokes an island-feel better than chain link or vinyl. As a renewable and extremely durable material, bamboo can hold its own, going head to head with steel, so it is also a smart choice for building a fence, even if adding a touch of the tropics isn’t on your priority list. However, you can use the versatile material around the house in unique ways that will dress up your outdoor decor and set your yard apart from the neighborhood.

A Variety of Ways to Construct a Bamboo Fence

Before moving beyond the perimeter, though, consider the variety of ways you can construct a bamboo fence. The simplest way is to install fencing material over an existing fence. That is an easy enough solution to a boring and drab wooden, vinyl or chain link enclosure. If the fence you want to makeover is chain link, you might also consider weaving bamboo slats through it. That technique may be a little more time-consuming but, as sturdy as it is, bamboo is also surprisingly flexible, so weaving an entire fence line using bamboo slats may not actually take as much time as you think. Alternatively, you can use the slats to build a fence from the ground up to provide privacy where there previously was none.

Bamboo Fence

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Forever Bamboo Tutorials

In the next couple of weeks we will be producing short tutorial videos that will be available to view on our website and new YouTube page. These videos will display our thatch, bamboo fencing, paneling, bamboo poles, reed fencing, Bac Bac matting, and Lauhala matting. In each video, we will be educating our viewers about each product and ways in which you can install and enhance your home or business.

Here’s a list of topics that will be discussed in each tutorial.

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Why Bamboo Fencing is Great for Small Spaces

Designing for small spaces can be tricky. Too many decor pieces makes the space look smaller and cluttered. On the other hand, too little decor makes the space look sparse and does not make it seem any more spacious. Bamboo fencing is a great design piece that barely takes up any space yet adds a huge impact to any area. The fencing can be used outdoors for small backyards or balconies. We’ll also show you how to use it inside as well! Bamboo fencing comes in many different heights and colors which makes it very versatile for any styles. This beautiful resource is also eco-friendly as well if you’re looking into environmentally conscious designs.

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The Benefits of Bamboo Fencing


If you’ve been contemplating installing a privacy fence, but aren’t sure that you want to put the money into wooden fencing and a contractor to install it, bamboo fencing may be a good option for you. This attractive fencing is less expensive, environmentally friendly, and easy to install. You can select the fencing that’s easiest for you to install, then choose the height and style that best suits your landscaping goals.

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Tips on Building a Bamboo Fence


Bamboo fencing is a durable option that can last many years when the fencing is installed and maintained properly. Like other types of natural wood, bamboo is a great choice when you want to enhance your lawns and make your property more visually appealing. Bamboo is also sustainable, making it one of the most eco-friendly options available today.

Prepare Bamboo First

If you are staining your bamboo fence, make sure to finish this step first, especially if you are using whole bamboo sticks since it will be difficult to stain the area where the bamboo curves and touches the pole next to it. Bamboo is a natural wood, which allows you to paint or stain it any color you like. You should also varnish your bamboo to ensure it withstands the weather well over time. Varnish locks in the natural color of the wood and helps reduce the effects of moisture over the years.

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How to Maintain Your Beautiful Bamboo Fencing!

bamboo fencing walkway

Bamboo fencing is a naturally strong material. Despite its durability, like all outdoor materials, fencing needs to be taken care of to increase its life-span. Harsh elements such as UV rays can strip down the outer bamboo layer. Other elements such as the snow and rain can erode the fencing eventually. It will take these harsh natural elements longer to deteriorate bamboo fencing but why not protect it from the beginning?

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Bamboo Fencing Installation Guide on Existing Fencing

bamboo fencing forever bamboo

Versatile Bamboo Fencing

One great thing about bamboo fencing is that it can be easily attached to pre-existing fencing! Bamboo fencing can be attached to existing chain fence, existing wooden fence, and even block/brick walls. Bamboo fencing is a great way to freshen up old fencing and add a new look to your backyard or any perimeter. New fencing can easily spruce up your home or business and covers unsightly holes or tears in the old fencing. Holes or any spaces in fencing can compromise privacy so adding bamboo fencing will help with that.

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