15 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Resort

15 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Resort

If you want to feel like you’re on vacation at home, there are numerous ways to transform your space into a relaxing staycation oasis. Adding new elements to your home can make staying in more enjoyable for you and your whole family. Regardless of why you’re having a staycation, incorporating resort-style decor into your home can give you a reason to relax. Make your house feel like paradise by turning it into a staycation resort.

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Cost-Effective Guide to Furnishing a Vacation Rental

Cost-Effective Guide to Furnishing a Vacation Rental

If you own a vacation rental property or are thinking of buying one, you probably know one of the biggest challenges is finding furnishings and decor to make it inviting for guests. Buying all new furniture right away can offset your initial rental profits, but there are ways to make a rental property beautiful and still maintain your budget. Consider this your guide for how to decorate a rental property with cost-effective methods and ideas for tropical-themed decor for rental properties.

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How to Boost Your Curb Appeal

How to Boost Your Curb Appeal

We all know a few homes in the neighborhood with a perfect lawn, gorgeous trees, a tidy home exterior and beautiful outdoor decor. These are the homes with curb appeal. Good curb appeal makes a home more attractive and valuable. If you are wondering how to improve the value of your home, we have easy tips you can use to boost your curb appeal by adding to your landscaping and outdoor decor.

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How to Add Shade and Privacy to Your Home’s Exterior

How to Add Shade and Privacy to Your Home's Exterior

A backyard should be a comfortable oasis. You should be able to escape there after a long day without squinting through the sunshine or worrying about the wandering eyes of nosy neighbors. If you want to turn your backyard into a concealed haven, you need to know how to add shade and privacy to your home’s exterior.

When it comes to learning how to add privacy in an appealing way and creating shady areas in your yard, there’s a lot to consider. This guide includes things to think about as you design your perfect backyard and unique ways to add some quiet and shade.

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How to Afford Your Dream Home Décor on a Budget


How to Afford Your Dream Home Décor on a Budget

For whatever reason, you’re tired of your current décor. Perhaps it’s out of date, you need a change of scenery or it doesn’t match your style anymore. No matter why you want to give your home a makeover, you likely want to get a look you can afford. You have some ideas, but you also have a limited amount to spend. To make your dreams a reality, learn how to decorate your home on a budget. So, where do you begin? That’s where we can help.

We’ve gathered everything from tips to managing your budget and design inspiration to help you redesign your home. Discover how to afford your dream home décor on a budget below.

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Best Material for Plant Stakes

Best material for plant stakes

Wood, plastic, bamboo — oh my! Who knew picking the right stakes for healthy plant growth could be so complicated?

With gardening season just around the corner, it’s crucial to select the best plant stakes for your flowers, herbs, fruits and veggies — one that’ll help your garden thrive and bring other benefits to your backyard.

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Poolside Decoration Tips

Poolside Decoration Tips

As you look out on your backyard or your company’s pool, you may want something more. Maybe you need a relaxing escape to kick back and unwind in or a fun space where you or guests can swim, splash and play. Whatever you want to do with this exterior space, you’re probably wondering how to create a tropical oasis in your backyard or outdoor space.

Whether you’re transforming the exterior at a public pool or resort or want to learn how to enhance your backyard, these poolside decoration tips will help. Discover how to make your yard stand out with ideas and products from Forever Bamboo!

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Tropical Trends for Summer Home Decor

Tropical Trends for Summer Home Decor

The weather’s getting hotter, and you’ll naturally want to prepare your home decor for summer as soon as possible. Begin by varnishing wood furniture, dusting off your Tiki torches and pulling colorful accessories from your garage or attic. As you do so, you may realize you’re missing a few essential items. If you wish to follow this summer’s style guide for tropical-themed decorations and design, read on for the most popular and pervasive trends.

Transform your home or business into an oasis by gathering one or two — or all — of them and enjoy summer in paradise. You won’t even have to board a plane!
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Advantages of Using Bamboo in Your Home Garden

Advantages of Using Bamboo in Your Home Garden

Whether you’re just starting to design your home garden or looking for something special to make your garden stand out, bamboo may be the answer. Whether it be a statement piece like a bamboo fence or the subtle addition of a bamboo hanging planter, this versatile material can take your home garden’s design to the next level.

The advantages of designing your home garden with bamboo products don’t stop at aesthetics. Bamboo is trendy, affordable, sustainable and eco-friendly, so it’s something you can feel good about adding to your garden. In this guide, we’ll discuss what the advantages of using bamboo products in your home garden are, how you can bring bamboo into your home garden design through easy DIY projects and what kind of bamboo to get started with.
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How to Bring Paradise to Your Home

Even if you’re the type of traveler that prints out itemized packing lists and detailed daily resort itineraries, you can’t account for every situation when booking flights and hotel rooms.

Unfortunately, circumstances beyond your control can postpone or cancel your vacation plans. It’s tough to stay home when all you can think about is the beach-side resort you booked months ago.

While you can’t predict what life might throw your way, there’s no reason you can’t make the best of your time at home. If you were going to take the week off of work anyway, you might as well spend that vacation time making your home as relaxing as possible.

What could be better than the relaxation of paradise paired with all the comforts of home?

No matter how stressful life becomes, if you make your backyard or home its own paradise, you’ll always have a spot to lounge and drink piña coladas — even if they aren’t out of coconuts.

Here are some ideas on how you can replicate your tropical vacation without ever leaving home.

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