Make Your Bathroom at Home Feel Like a Spa With These Bamboo Bathroom Décor Ideas

A Zen spa bathroom is a luxurious way to give you peace of mind after a stressful day. Soak in the tub or lather yourself in essential oils and release all the tension you carry with you throughout the day. There are several redesign ideas to create a peaceful bathroom in your home. Follow these tips to learn how to create a bath spa at home to help you relax in your living space.

How to Redesign Your Bathroom

Before you learn how to create a spa-like bathroom, you need a plan for your redesigning project. Follow these tips to start turning your living space into a tranquil retreat.

Create a Realistic Budget and Timeline

Different sustainable bathroom designs can fit within any budget, but you need to consider how much you are willing to spend. Since you are only changing out the décor and some plumbing fixtures, your budget is more manageable than remodeling the whole bathroom.

Think about how much you will spend on materials and how much time you have to dedicate to the project. Be patient as you create a plan and stick to it. Even though you can hire a professional to help you design your bathroom, you may find this project is easy and inexpensive enough to do yourself.

Get Rid of the Clutter in the Bathroom

After you have decided on a budget and a timeline, the next step to make a spa-like bathroom is to clear out the toiletries and décor you have in this space. Since a spa promotes peace and calm, you need to keep clutter tucked away and out of sight for a clean, relaxing environment. It helps to have the bathroom essentials in view, but everything else should be in a neat storage space instead of out in the open.

Take everything out of the bathroom and look at the blank area to plan for storing everything. Now is an excellent opportunity to throw out expired or outdated items to make room for new ones. You may also want to wipe your cabinets and storage spaces clean when you empty them.

Figure out Your Design Theme

Think about your new bathroom’s design theme to help you figure out what décor elements to use. You may want to include bamboo or eucalyptus for a tropical bathroom redesign. Consider which decorations fit your vision and your ability to design your living space yourself.

Keep your home’s architectural style in mind to help you discover your bathroom’s tropical theme. While you could use bold, floral patterns in your tropical-themed living space, it is better to use calming tones to make your bathroom more like a spa. Knowing whether you want bold prints and Tiki masks or subtle greenery and neutral tones will help you design your overall bathroom.

10 Ways to Turn Your Bath Space Into a Spa

Instead of creating a brand-new space for you to relax, you could redesign your bathroom to make it more calming. Follow these 10 tips to make your bathroom more like a spa.

1. Use Greenery in Your Design

Plants and flowers can boost your mood and add a fresh, natural scent to your bathroom. Choose from different plants and put them on your windowsill, in the shower or on the countertop. For a tropical theme, you may want to decorate with bamboo.

There are many reasons to use bamboo in a spa, including its benefits on your skin. Using bamboo in a spa also has naturally calming effects when you use it in the bathroom. Think of creative ways to include bamboo, eucalyptus and other greenery in your design.

2. Add Calming Scents to Your Zen Space

Spas provide a relaxing experience for all five of your senses. Include calming scents in your design to complete your bathroom’s overall atmosphere. Your first impression of any spa is typically a pleasant smell that instantly gives you a sense of peace.

Create this same effect in your bathroom by lighting a candle with a calming scent, such as eucalyptus or lavender. You can find incense sticks or essential oil diffusers if you prefer not to have a candle burning in the bathroom. It is also helpful to use lotions and soaps with calming scents to help you relax as you take a bath or shower.

3. Hang Some Art on the Wall or Sink

Depending on your specific design theme, you may want to give your eyes a calming focal point as you apply a face mask or relax in the tub. Choose wall art with ocean waves for a relaxing visual appeal or tropical wall art with a funny saying to ease your mood.

A work of art can bring the whole room together by complementing the overall design. You can either hang it on a blank wall in your bathroom or put it on top of the sink or toilet.

4. Find Creative Ways to Store Your Toiletries

Clutter over your sink and in the tub can make it challenging to relax. Instead, find creative ways to keep your toiletries out of sight. It is helpful to store similar items together to access them more easily.

Some storage options for the bathroom include:

creative ways to store your toiletries

5. Decorate With a Calming Color Palette

Choose a calming color palette to create a relaxing spa in the bathroom. Neutral colors such as soft browns, gray, white or beige set the stage for a tropical paradise by providing a peaceful atmosphere. You may also want to add a hint of color into your design through decorative accents, plants and artwork. Avoid high-contrast pairings, such as blue and orange or black and white, that make the atmosphere more energizing.

6. Surround Yourself With Pleasant Textures

As part of creating a spa-like bathroom that indulges all the senses, you may want to invest in plush towels, fluffy slippers, comfortable bath mats, snug robes and soothing décor elements for your design. Create a cozy atmosphere by stashing your towels neatly in a visible part of the room. You may even want to install an indulgent towel warmer to comfort you as you step out of your warm bathtub or shower.

7. Install Visually Appealing Plumbing Fixtures

Since the sink, shower, tub and toilet are primary features of the bathroom, choose fixtures and accessories that create a visually appealing focal point. Think about upgrading to a rainfall showerhead or a steam shower, which nourishes your skin. Look for luxurious shower models with a handheld component or massaging spray patterns that relieve your muscles as you shower. Depending on the extent of your bathroom redesigning project, you may want to upgrade the accent pieces of all your plumbing fixtures.

8. Select Toiletries for Pampering

Create a wonderful spa experience by treating yourself to high-quality sheet masks, body scrubs, bath salts and other toiletries. Many brands use creative, coloring packaging for their products that blend in with your bathroom’s spa-like design. The toiletries you use can enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal with their colors and packaging materials.

Even if they do not have spa-worthy packaging, you can store them in pretty bottles, glass jars or other more luxurious containers. Make sure you keep them in convenient locations in your line of sight to enhance your time in the shower or tub.

9. Brighten up the Space

Create a sophisticated, calming spa-like environment through recessed lighting, chandeliers, decorative wall sconces and other light fixtures. As you design the lighting for your bathroom, use multiple layers of light to help enhance the space’s functionality. Use dimmer switches at different parts of the day to provide the lighting you need when you need it.

You may even want to light a candle to give just enough light at specific times of day. When you want a boost of energy, brighten up the room with reflective surfaces such as polished tile, large-scale mirrors and reflective plumbing fixtures.

10. Include Some Extra Seating

Create an upscale, cozy space with additional seating, such as a small comfortable chair or a bamboo stool. You may also want to include a water-resistant bench in your walk-in shower to enjoy the shower spray as you sit and wash. You could also use the seating to store your toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner and soap.

A settee or side chair can make your spa-like bathroom feel even more inviting and cozy. Put this seating near your shower enclosure or tub to give yourself a comfortable spot to dry. Look for an interior and exterior fabric or material that can withstand some steam and heat.

Why Decorate Your Bathroom With Bamboo?

As you think about designing a calming environment, keep bamboo in mind. There are many calming and aesthetically pleasing reasons to decorate with bamboo. Explore the following benefits of using bamboo in the bathroom.

  • It is an attractive and stylish material: Bamboo offers a stunning visual appeal that enhances your bathroom’s overall design if you use a tropical or nature theme. Its fine graining is a unique and pleasant color. Even if you are not a fan of bamboo’s natural colors, it is easy to paint or stain this material to match your color palette.
  • It is better for the environment: Since bamboo is sustainable and grows so quickly, it has a more positive environmental impact than wood and other materials. Reduce your carbon footprint for even more peace of mind to help you relax in your spa-like bathroom. Instead of investing in furniture and décor that could fray and tear over time, choose a bamboo that maintains its integrity in the proper climate and conditions.
  • It has a high tensile strength: Bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel, making it an excellent material for furniture and other structures. If you notice some knuckles in the design, these variances are consistent and dense, so they do not affect the bamboo’s structural strength.
  • It is more durable than other materials: Bamboo furniture does not swell or shrink from humidity and heat common in bathrooms. It is an excellent material for areas with high foot traffic and activity because of its ability to withstand everyday use. Whether you use it for your bathroom furniture or a bath mat, bamboo is an excellent addition to your spa-like bathroom because you usually do not have to replace it often.
  • It offers plenty of design options: Bamboo comes in various natural colors and patterns to complement your spa-like bathroom’s overall appearance. As an innovative material, modern furniture typically features bamboo, giving you many options for your bathroom. It is suitable for interior and exterior use, and it serves different purposes in your living space.
  • It is naturally calming: Bamboo décor and furniture instill a relaxing atmosphere into your spa-like bathroom. This material has a rustic look that pairs well with greenery and flowers. Imagine lush greenery surrounding you as you sit on a tropical island in your bathtub or shower.

Tropical Bathroom Décor Ideas

Tropical bathroom decorations can enhance your spa design and make you feel like you are in an island paradise. These bamboo fencing and ceiling ideas are easy enough to make yourself. Check out these tropical bathroom ideas featuring the products we provide at Forever Bamboo.

  • Bamboo fencing: Our bamboo fencing comes in several colors and is suitable for interior and exterior use. In the bathroom, it is practical for making wall décor, covering your ceiling or hiding unsightly toiletries in your storage units.
  • Bamboo slats: Our bamboo slats serve various applications in the bathroom, such as wall décor or wrapping around your storage units. You may also want to put it on your sink countertops or wrap it around your existing furniture to enhance its aesthetic appeal.
  • Bamboo furniture: Furniture made from bamboo is durable and adds a unique visual appeal to your spa-like bathroom. Look for chairs, stools, benches or loungers that fit within your space and enhance its overall functionality.
  • Lauhala matting: Durable lauhala mats are versatile to create decorations for your bathroom to help establish a relaxing environment for you to enjoy. Make yourself some wall art or refurbish your furniture to look more tropical. You could also apply it over your walls or ceiling for decorative appeal.

Contact Forever Bamboo for a Tropical Bathroom Redesign

Designing a spa-like bathroom is an excellent way to incorporate self-care into your routine. If you want to decorate your living space like a spa, you can find the décor elements you need with Forever Bamboo. Look through our bamboo products, such as bamboo fencing and ceiling ideas, to help you redesign your bathroom. For more information about our products and services, you can reach out to us online or give us a call at 877-912-2244.