Willow Fence Panels – Enhance Your Yard

Willow fence panels are an attractive addition to any yard or garden, lending a quaint and inviting air reminiscent of the English countryside. Natural materials aren’t completely maintenance free, however. Performing a few annual upkeep activities will extend the life of your real-wood willow fence to make your yard continue to look as enchanting as the day you install the panels.

Willow Fence Panels

Unbraiding is one problem that can arise with low-quality willow fencing, especially if you live in an area that sees extreme weather conditions. Too much heat and sun can be just as detrimental as excessive cold and moisture to woven fencing such as willow. If you purchase top quality willow fence panels like the ones we carry at Forever Bamboo, you should have little to no problem with them pulling apart. Our fencing is constructed by joining top quality willow branches together with durable galvanized wire to prevent rusting and help your panels last for the long haul. A quick inspection once a year will show you how well your willow fence in weathering and if there are any small areas that might need attention for re-securing.

Willow Fence Panels – The Highest Quality at Forever Bamboo

Although you’re not likely to see your panels from Forever Bamboo unbraiding, it is possible that some may be sagging or coming lose from the framework they’re attached to, depending on what you used to secure the panels in place. Staples and some types of wire, for instance, can rust, but zip ties tend to be a durable and long-lasting choice for installing fence panels. After the first year you’ll have a better idea of which sections of your fence need a little extra support, and you can place extra metal or wooden stakes in those locations to provide reinforcement.

Finally, a coat of timber oil each year will seal and protect your Forever Bamboo willow fence from the punishment weather conditions dish out. You’ll be amazed at how a new layer of protect-ant instantly revitalizes and restores the look and feel. Shop online today at Forever Bamboo for all your Reed and Willow building supplies.

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