Fire Rated Thatch

Fire Rated Thatch

Considering the dry and grassy nature of thatch products, having a fire retardant thatch roof is a must. Forever Bamboo offers multiple ways to protect your thatch decor, including fire rated thatch products and our fire retardant sealant.

In addition to our commercial-grade, eco-friendly thatch, we also provide everything you need to maintain and care for it properly. Browse our products and read on to learn more about protecting your thatch from flames.

Why Is Fire Rated Thatch Important?

Thatch is made of natural grasses and is commonly used as a roofing material, particularly for shade structures, Tiki bars, huts and palapas. Its sustainability and aesthetic appeal make it a popular choice for homeowners and designers.

However, grass and dry reeds are extremely flammable, making thatch roofs more vulnerable to fire than other roofing materials. If a thatch roof catches on fire, the flames spread quickly and are difficult to extinguish. That said, proper fire protection is crucial when it comes to thatch roofing and decor.

Thankfully, it’s easy to enjoy the natural beauty of a thatch roof without having to worry about increased fire risk. At Forever Bamboo, making your thatch decor as safe as possible is our top priority.

What’s the Difference Between Fire Rated Thatch and Fire Resistant Thatch?

While fire rated and fire resistant sound similar, they actually indicate different things. Fire rated thatch has been tested to withstand certain temperatures for a certain period of time. Fire resistant or fire retardant thatch has a sealant coating to reduce fire risk and prevent excessive smoke production. Both provide essential fire protection, but in different ways.

Fire Rated Thatch Products From Forever Bamboo

At Forever Bamboo, you can browse a variety of fire rated synthetic thatch products like umbrella panelssub-roof panelstop cones and eaves. We’ve specially designed these products to resist flames and pests and withstand a variety of weather conditions. Our fire rated synthetic thatch products come with a 20-year warranty and provide durable, long-lasting structures while adding a timeless natural aesthetic to your outdoor space.

Viro Java and Viro Reed

Forever Bamboo’s artificial Viro Java thatch and Viro Reed products have a similar appearance to natural thatch. However, they’re more cost-effective and require no maintenance. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these recyclable, eco-friendly products are fire rated as well as mold and pest-resistant. In addition, Viro Java and Viro Reed can last 20 years and beyond, whereas their natural counterparts can have a lifespan of only a couple of years in certain climates.

Despite their synthetic nature, these non-toxic, environmentally friendly thatch products can seamlessly achieve the tropical aesthetic you desire. They’re easy to install and won’t fade. You can use our artificial thatch for roofs, umbrellas, canopies, palapas and similar structures, enhancing your overall design with coned tops and flat panels.

Browse and Order Our Fire Rated Products Today

With our selection of fire rated products, we provide multiple ways to preserve the integrity of your thatching and protect it from flames — all while adding a tropical charm to your outdoor space. For any questions regarding our products, feel free to contact us at any time. Browse our fire rated products and order yours today!

Tiki Thatch Bars: The New Must-Have for Your Garden

Whether you’re looking to host the perfect summer gathering or add a touch of paradise to your backyard, a thatch roof Tiki bar is the way to go. Functional, sustainable and visually pleasing, it’s the perfect way to convert your garden into a relaxing haven.

However, a Tiki bar is more than just a hut with a roof — it also needs comfortable seating, tropical decorations and good lighting. If you don’t know where to begin with decorating, we have plenty of garden design ideas for you. Learn how to upgrade your garden with our list of Tiki bar essentials!

Benefits of Tiki Thatch Bars

A Tiki bar is a tropical-themed bar used for serving food and island-inspired cocktails. It’s often decorated with extravagant tropical accents like plants and flowers, surfboards, Tiki carvings and lights.

Thatch is a common roofing material for Tiki bars. This natural grass is a popular choice for its sustainability and aesthetic appeal. If you’re looking to transform an ordinary backyard into the ultimate tropical escape, thatch provides multiple benefits for your Tiki bar:

  • It’s eco-friendly: A thatch roof contains dried vegetation, which is biodegradable, sustainable and free of toxic substances. Thatch is an excellent way to incorporate eco-friendly building practices into your next home project.
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing: A Tiki thatch bar provides an exotic getaway without having to leave your backyard. Decorative accents like lights, pottery and tropical flora enrich the aesthetic of your space.
  • It provides natural climate control: A thatch roof provides insulation and shade for your Tiki bar. The material enables hot air to flow through the roof, minimizing humidity and heat in the bar. Thatch is also an effective insulator that helps regulate cool and warm air throughout the seasons.

Tiki Bar Must-Haves

Looking for outdoor area ideas to enhance your Tiki bar? Browse the list below for some creative must-haves!

1. Tiki Hut

Perhaps the most important part of a Tiki bar, a Tiki hut provides shelter from the sun, heat and elements. It also adds a tropical charm to your garden or backyard. If you’re handy, building a hut yourself can be a more cost-effective and rewarding option.

Once you have the necessary supplies and a design in mind, it’s surprisingly easy to build. You can even wrap the face of the Tiki bar with bamboo slats to tie the island look together. Shade your guests from the sun while impressing them with your DIY skills!

2. Furniture

Once you’ve completed your Tiki hut, it’ll be time to add some furniture. Determine how you want to occupy the space with tables and seating. Perhaps you’d like a dining table with some accompanying chairs or an exterior sofa with end tables. Maybe some bar stools would better achieve your desired aesthetic.

Sun loungers or lawn chairs can also capture the Tiki theme while providing comfortable seating for your guests. If your budget allows for it, consider adding different types of furniture for multiple seating options. Whatever you decide, try to choose furniture that’s comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time.

3. Fire Pit

Consider adding a fire pit to host the ultimate luau! Steel bowls and pre-made stone fire pits allow you to host fires safely around the Tiki bar. Gathering around the glow of a fire with friends and family is the perfect way to enjoy a warm summer night. Depending on where you live, you may even be able to use this fire pit well into fall and winter.

4. Outdoor Lights

A Tiki bar needs ample lighting, especially if you plan on using the space into the night. Light up the area with some bistro or string lights, flood lights, lanterns or any other exterior lighting you see fit. You may need more or less lighting depending on the size of your exterior space, so be sure to plan accordingly.

5. Tiki Torches

Tiki torches are another great way to add some evening lighting — and a stellar tropical vibe — to your Tiki bar. These can be an alternative to string lights, or you can use both for a layered lighting effect. If you decide to include Tiki torches, remember to position them far enough away so they don’t ignite the thatch roof.

6. Other Tropical Decorations

Adding some tropical-themed accents is the perfect way to complete the island look. You can use these ideas for inspiration or add any other features you see fit! Here are some decorations to consider:

  • Signs: Hang some tropical signs on the wall of your Tiki bar for a unique island aesthetic. Whether it’s flowers, palm trees, inspirational quotes or humorous signs, wall hangings can enhance your space.
  • Tiki masks: Nothing captures an island theme quite like Tiki masks! Tiki masks have a rich history and tropical charm and are available in multiple sizes, patterns and colors. They’re also lightweight and easy to hang.
  • Plants and flowers: Tropical botanicals are an excellent way to enrich your space with a natural, earthy feel. Consider adding potted plants and colorful flowers for a charming summery vibe.
  • Surfboards: Decorating your space with colorful surfboards adds a rich tropical flair. Some lightweight surfboard signs are just as effective and far easier to hang up!
  • Wind chimes: Accent your garden space with some charming bamboo wind chimes. Soothing island tones are an ideal way to welcome and relax your guests.

Shop With Forever Bamboo for Your Tiki Bar Needs

Forever Bamboo is your go-to for creating the ultimate Tiki bar. Our online store offers thatch products, furniture, tropical decorations and any other essentials you desire. Green building materials like thatch and bamboo provide a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing option for any home project.

While bamboo products and thatch are our specialties, we also know that the right accessories are crucial for any backyard paradise. Our tropical decor options are a fun, unique way to enrich your space and greet guests with a peaceful island vibe.

When you turn to Forever Bamboo for your Tiki bar essentials, you can create an amazing exterior space for everyone to relax and enjoy life. Browse our products and order your Tiki bar must-haves today!

Modern Bamboo Fencing Design Trends 2022

modern bamboo fencing design

Fencing serves a variety of important purposes, whether it’s establishing property boundaries, protecting your garden or enclosing pets. But while your fence should be functional, it should also be visually pleasing.

You can use current trends to design a fence that accents your space with a modern yet warm and inviting feel. If you’re looking for trending bamboo products, styles and materials for fencing, you’ve come to the right place. Explore the benefits of bamboo fencing and bamboo trends of 2022 to inspire your next project for your home or business!

The Benefits of Bamboo

As an exceptional material that features an array of benefits, it’s no wonder bamboo fencing is a popular choice for designers, architects and homeowners. Let’s explore some of the best reasons to consider bamboo for your next fencing project:

  • Aesthetic style: Bamboo’s timeless natural beauty is a prime reason many people decide to use it for fencing. Every piece is distinct on its own — but when placed together, it creates a beautiful focal point for your fence. Whether it’s for a living room, bedroom or backyard, bamboo fencing accents an array of interior and exterior spaces with a clean, modern and tropical feel.
  • Sustainability: The sustainability of bamboo makes it a popular choice among eco-conscious consumers. Research shows that bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent tree mass. When harvesting bamboo, growers can cut off stalks without killing the plant, so it can continue to grow. These features make it a sustainable material.
  • Versatility: Bamboo is highly versatile in both appearance and function. Besides fencing, you can use it for a variety of projects, like furniture and pergolas. Use bamboo in pieces like frames, backsplashes and candle holders to tie into your fence project.
  • Variety: You can easily find bamboo fencing to fit your desired aesthetic. Whether it’s a classic golden color, striking black or rich caramel brown, bamboo offers a variety of possibilities. You can also choose from multiple shapes and sizes, from full poles to split half round poles and slats.
  • Cost-effectiveness: While the price of bamboo materials can vary depending on the project, quantity and company, bamboo is generally more affordable than timber wood. This isn’t because bamboo is lower in quality, but because it’s a hardy crop that grows quickly. Look for an affordable price point that still offers the essentials — quality bamboo that’s free of glues, pesticides and formaldehyde — for your fencing needs.

Bamboo Design Trends for Fencing

Sustainable and natural designs for homes and gardens are increasing in popularity, making bamboo an earthy yet elegant choice for fencing. Check out some of the latest styles and trends for bamboo fencing below!

1. Stained Fencing

Staining your bamboo fence is a great way to enhance it with color and shine. While bamboo fades over time, the stain keeps it fresh and bright to increase its lifespan. It will also bring life back to an older fence. If you’re considering a rich oil-based stain to protect your bamboo fencing from the elements, choose Total Wood Protectant sealer and select your desired staining color. Here are some trendy color choices to consider:

  • Black walnut: Black walnut fence stain is a great choice if you’re looking for something dark and sophisticated. This cool, dark tone can transform a bamboo fence into a luxurious aesthetic or rejuvenate natural black bamboo fencing.
  • Cedar tone: Offering a slightly dark undertone, cedar tone stain is an ideal middle ground between light and dark. Its rustic yet tropical feel creates a perfectly warm aesthetic.
  • Dark oak: With rich, red undertones, dark oak staining provides a deep brown color to enhance darker bamboo tones.
  • Light cedar: Light cedar is an excellent staining choice for natural bamboo fencing. This mellow oil offers a pale yellow or tan hue to enrich the natural bamboo’s light to medium shade.

light cedar bamboo

2. Contrasting Wood Frame and Vertical Bamboo

If you’re looking for a simple yet trendy way to construct a privacy fence for your backyard, consider a wooden frame filled with bamboo fencing. With your desired exterior aesthetic in mind, try choosing complementary colors for your frame and bamboo.

For instance, you might find that a dark brown frame is an attractive contrast to light natural bamboo fencing. Alternatively, a light wood frame paired with natural black bamboo may better suit your preferences. Whatever combination you decide, this trend is a great way to enhance your exterior space.

3. Some Balcony Privacy

For an urban apartment with a porch or balcony that offers an open view, having some privacy is more than ideal. This is where a bamboo privacy fence comes in handy. While a railing provides an essential safety barrier, it won’t provide the aesthetic or some added privacy that a bamboo fence does.

You can even attach bamboo fencing to your existing railing. Enjoy a breath of fresh air and some much-needed privacy with a beautiful bamboo fence for your balcony or porch.

4. Room Divider

Bamboo fencing isn’t only an exterior trend — it’s a great way to accent your home’s interior, as well. If there’s a large bedroom, living room, dining room or other space you wish to section off, consider a lovely bamboo room divider. Try using a tall bamboo fence panel that feels like a wall. Then, you can craft a wooden frame to hold the fencing.

Depending on how much room separation you desire, you may only opt for one long panel or make an L-shaped fencing section for extra separation. This is both a charming and practical way to spruce up your living, sleeping or dining spaces.

5. Woven Bamboo Fencing

A woven bamboo fence gives your space a simple, organic and timeless appeal. This fence is constructed purely from bamboo, featuring horizontal and vertical poles. The vertical bamboo poles are typically attached to the horizontal poles on alternating sides with screws or twine.

The finished product is a textured fence that looks the same from both sides. This trend is the perfect way to add a tropical yet understated feel to your yard or garden. Or, add stylish bamboo paneling to your interior fence for more texture.

Shop Forever Bamboo Products for Your Fencing Needs

At Forever Bamboo, supplying customers with quality bamboo fencing and other exterior products is our specialty. Our sustainably sourced bamboo products come in multiple configurations and colors, serving many commercial and residential uses. Whatever the style or concept you have in mind for your space, we can help you achieve it.

Whether you’re looking for rustic caramel brown, burnt bamboo fencing or a classic natural design, we have materials you’ll need at Forever Bamboo. Browse our selection of bamboo fencing and order yours today!

For any questions regarding products or orders, please contact us.

Thatch Roofing FAQs

When it comes to the most classic roofing materials on the planet, thatch stands out for its popularity throughout history. What makes thatch roofing so appealing, though? Thatch offers consistent performance and attractive looks. With our different thatch options, you can create your own tropical escape in your backyard or business.

Want to cover one or more of your exterior structures with Mexican Palm ThatchTahitian ThatchAfrican Cape Reed Thatch, or Artificial Thatch? Keep reading to learn more about thatch and its best qualities.

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What Is Thatch Roofing?

The term “thatch” traditionally refers to a collection of grasses, reeds and other plant-based materials interwoven for strength and resilience. For example, Mexican Palm thatch is constructed by expertly weaving palm tree fronds and leaves. This process creates a brand-new thatched product and keeps the fronds and leaves from separating prematurely.

When used in roofing construction, thatch helps block the elements, such as water and sun. Many people have rediscovered sustainably sourced thatch for its best properties in recent decades.

thatch for roofing projects

Where Can Thatch Be Used for Roofing Projects?

Both naturally occurring and synthetic thatch are eye-catching roofing options. For many homeowners and businesses, thatch makes the perfect aesthetic and practical roofing material for backyard and stand-alone structures. These can include palapas, gazebos and cozy bungalows.

Is Thatch Fire-Resistant?

Natural thatch roofs are not automatically fire-resistant but can be treated with fire-rated thatch sealant. Applying this sealant effectively reduces the chance and overall impact of a fire. Roofs treated with fire-rated thatch sealant produce about half as much smoke as their non-treated counterparts. Some products, such as these Viro Java 3L thatch panels, are fire-resistant without needing sealant and are a great fit when it comes to commercial projects.

Is a Thatch Roof a Good Choice?

For many people, thatch roofs provide an opportunity to bring a tropical, exotic or oasis-like aesthetic to their backyards, commercial spaces and other outdoor areas. Thatch continues to be a go-to choice for many homeowners and business owners eager to bring a fresh, attractive vibrancy to their properties, and covering your roof with thatch materials can help you achieve the structure of your design dreams.

How Long Does a Thatched Roof Last?

A natural thatched roof’s longevity depends largely on climate. In dry regions with moderate climates, Mexican Palm Thatch can last up to five years, and one to two years in more humid or harsher climates. Tahitian Thatch can last five to seven years, and African Cape Reed Thatch can last eight to ten years. If guaranteed durability is what you’re looking for, our Artificial Viro Thatch panels come with a 20-year warranty! To get the maximum value out of any thatch roof, invest in a high-quality product that features expert weaving. With the best thatch product possible, you’ll have a great foundation to meet your exterior structural and landscaping needs.

What Kinds of Thatch Are Available?

Forever Bamboo offers several reliable thatch products:

  • Mexican Palm thatch
  • African Cape Reed thatch
  • Tahitian and Fiji Palm thatch
  • Artificial thatch
  • Fire-rated thatch sealant

large variety of thatch

Where Can You Buy Thatch Roofing Materials?

Putting up a dependable thatch roof requires that you find thatch roofing materials you can rely on. As with any project, your materials’ quality significantly impacts the final results.

Forever Bamboo offers a wide selection of thatch materials. Feel free to look through each type and pick the one you like most. If you have questions, call our team at 877-912-2244 to get knowledgeable answers about thatch roofing.

The History of Tiki Bars

tiki bar in a backyard

Tropical drinks, Tiki masks, thatch-covered roofs and kitschy décor are as much the essence of the classic Tiki bar experience as relaxation and entertainment. But where did this iconic movement begin? Put on your favorite Hawaiian shirt, plop an umbrella in your drink and bring your imagination — let’s dive into the history of Tiki bars and discover top decorating tips to bring your own Tiki getaway to life!

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What Is a Tiki Bar?

A Tiki bar is a tropical-themed entertainment space for relaxing and enjoying cocktails, inspired by romanticized ideas of South Pacific culture. Guests enjoy sipping fruity, rum-based drinks like the classic Mai Tai, Halekulani and Zombie in colorful Tiki mugs under the shade of a Palapa canopy or traditional Tiki hut.

Tiki spaces are as unique as their owners — and no two Tiki bars are alike! People with a passion for the Tiki lifestyle love adding their unique personality to the bar with décor from global travels, Tiki mug collections, fun signage and more.

Tiki pop culture started in the 1930s with commercial bars and restaurants, but today’s residential Tiki spaces can be found in homeowners’ backyards, patios, gardens and basements as beloved personal paradises. The Tiki lifestyle is all about escapism. When you step into a Tiki lounge, you should feel like you’ve been transported to the tropics, surrounded by bamboo, coconuts, beachy vibes, island music, flavorful drinks and nautical details.

History of Tiki Bars and Tiki Pop Culture

One of the earliest Tiki bars that would set the tone for an entire movement was the “Don the Beachcomber” bar, established by Ernest Gantt in 1934 in Los Angeles. Gantt, who later legally changed his name to “Donn Beach,” decorated the bar with numerous artifacts collected from trips to the tropics. Beach served various exotic rum-based drinks and brought in popular musicians and entertainers. The bar was so successful that it expanded to 25 chain restaurants and began the Tiki explosion in popularity.

Another famous bar was Trader Vic’s, created by Victor Bergeron in 1937. Trader Vic’s partnered with Hilton Hotels and expanded to many hotel locations. Many early Tiki bars popped up attached to hotels as restaurants and bars offering cocktails, Asian and Polynesian menus, music and live entertainment. Trader Vic’s also started marketing Tiki mugs, cocktail mixes and other pop culture items, which expanded the marketability of the Tiki bar business culture.

The Tiki movement touched culture all across America — from thatched roofs appearing on car dealerships to South Seas-inspired bowling alleys. The original Tiki bars thrived for about 30 years during the Atomic Age, enjoying a peak of popularity in the early 1960s. Tiki bars started to fade away in the 1970s.

The 1990s saw a revival of Tiki love, and a new generation of Tiki fans embraced the culture. Folks began installing personal Tiki bars in their backyards with pools, creating themed man caves in basements and living up the “work hard, play harder” lifestyle with friends and family. Fans of retro culture, Rockabilly, vintage décor and tropical vibes have continued this ever-evolving trend. Today, great Tiki bars live on in commercial and residential locations worldwide.

ideal tiki bar locations

Ideal Tiki Bar Locations

Tiki bars can be tiny or enormous, indoors or outside, personal or business. The choice is yours! Most home bars serve a dual purpose — a recreational spot to enjoy chilled drinks and a display area to show off tropical décor, artifacts and personal collections.

Forever Bamboo Tiki huts and Palapas are moderately easy to install depending on your project difficulty, making them the ideal option for a wide variety of setup locations:

  • Shoreline boat docks
  • Backyard patios
  • Poolside pads
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Garden sitting areas
  • Finished basements
  • Recreational garages
  • Home theaters
  • Man caves

Tiki huts are also perfect for commercial applications, offering countless benefits to business owners and trade professionals. Set up impressive trade show displays. Create shaded areas at outdoor facilities. Add valuable seating outside restaurants, resorts, bars and more!

Tiki Bar Design and Décor

Tiki bar design is like making a cocktail — it’s a mixture of several unique historical, cultural and thematic elements that, when combined, create an immediately recognizable aesthetic flavor. Tiki design is a magical blend of tropical décor, Polynesian island style, retro midcentury elements, escapism and all things “Tiki bar” — the drinks, the mugs, the swizzle sticks, the little umbrellas in the drinks, the whole experience from the bartender pouring to an empty mug.

Designing an authentic Tiki atmosphere is more than simply serving drinks under a thatch-covered hut. Tiki décor has a distinctive look that feels like it’s been collected from faraway lands over several decades. With the right design foundation and island accessories, your Tiki bar will resemble a favorite haunt of sailors and sirens straight out of the 1960s.

Create Your Own Tiki Bar Oasis

First thing’s first — the Tiki life is made in the shade! Every tropical retreat needs an island-inspired covering to enjoy drinks and relax. Every Tiki bar starts with three foundational elements:

  1. Bar and beverages: No Tiki bar is complete without an actual bar — it’s in the name, after all! A long countertop serves as a landing zone for barstool seating and serving drinks that transport guests to a tropical paradise. Storage behind the bar can house a sink, rum, assorted liquors, barware and everything else you need for authentic Tiki beverages.
  2. Seating and furniture: Tiki bars certainly need stools at the counter, but the best retreats include additional lounging areas to converse and dine. Imagine bamboo tables and comfortable seating around the pool, garden or fire pit for a cohesive Tiki look throughout your backyard. Our high-quality bamboo furniture immediately sets the tone for your expanded tropical oasis.
  3. Tiki huts and Palapas: Cover your bar and seating areas to keep your guests cool with Tiki thatch umbrellas or Palapas. These thatched-roof, open-sided structures are also called Tiki huts. You can convert an existing or new bar area into an island experience with one of our large Tiki hut kits, which include all the materials you need to set up your own shelter — lodge poles, roof framing, lodge poles, thatch covering and instructions.

Once you’ve established the basics, it’s time for accessories! Forever Bamboo is your one-stop shop for everything you need to complete a personalized Tiki look:

  • Carved Tiki masks: Tiki masks were originally used in ancient Polynesian and Hawaiian culture, representing various deities and spiritual traits. For an authentic aesthetic, hang a few decorative Tiki masks around the bar.
  • Tiki mugs and vessels: Traditional Tiki mugs are ceramic and shaped like hand-carved, wooden Tiki masks. Tiki drinking vessels can also resemble coconuts, skulls, Easter Island statues, totems, pirate-themed objects and more!
  • Bamboo details: Line the front and back of your bar with our eco-friendly, cost-effective textured bamboo paneling. Bamboo is the ultimate tropical backdrop to show off your Tiki mugs, signage and themed barware.
  • Tropical signage: Add a pop of color and a sense of humor to your Tiki oasis with eye-catching Tiki signage. From carved bamboo floral “Aloha” signs to more comical bathroom signs, great signage makes it clear that everyone is on island time at your Tiki bar!
  • Beachy and nautical objects: You don’t need to be located near the coastline to enjoy the beachy Tiki lifestyle. Make your own “beach” seating area outside with sand underfoot, seashells and driftwood, or turn your bar into a pirate’s cove with mermaids and a treasure chest.

Looking for even more ideas to take your Tiki hut to the next level? These popular tropical decorations enhance the sights and sounds of any Tiki paradise:

  • Kitchy midcentury modern art
  • Island-inspired knick-knacks
  • Hanging tropical birds
  • Bamboo wind chimes
  • Water features
  • String lighting
  • Tiki torches
  • Surfboards
  • Paddles

tiki bar decor

Shop the Nation’s #1 Supplier for Tiki Décor and Materials

You can count on Forever Bamboo to provide the highest quality, eco-friendly Tiki materials for your bar — from huts and umbrellas to bamboo products and decorative signage, we have everything you need to create a Tiki experience from start to finish.

Shop the industry’s largest inventory of tropical décor and start designing your tropical paradise today! Looking for advice and specific product information? Complete an online contact form or call our highly trained customer service team at 877-912-2244, available five days a week.

A Guide To Forever Bamboo Poles

We want to offer bamboo that’s as high-quality as possible, so each product is inspected and hand-selected. After selection, the bamboo is harvested and sent to a factory for export preparation. The bamboo soaks in a solution of sodium borate that helps deter insect damage and fungus. Weather permitting, the bamboo poles will then sun-bleach, where the green shades will fade to a yellowish-tan hue.

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A Guide To Forever Bamboo Products

Bamboo products are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood products and provide an attractive tropical look to any interior or exterior project. Thanks to their natural sturdiness, our natural bamboo products fit a wide variety of decorating needs. This functional, everlasting natural material suits any business or home improvement project. Many of our items can last even longer with a coat of Total Wood Protectant (TWP) bamboo sealer.

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Make Your Bathroom at Home Feel Like a Spa With These Bamboo Bathroom Décor Ideas

A Zen spa bathroom is a luxurious way to give you peace of mind after a stressful day. Soak in the tub or lather yourself in essential oils and release all the tension you carry with you throughout the day. There are several redesign ideas to create a peaceful bathroom in your home. Follow these tips to learn how to create a bath spa at home to help you relax in your living space.
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9 Interesting Facts About Bamboo

There’s no denying that bamboo is one cool-looking plant. But did you know that bamboo is literally a cool plant? This plant can cool, purify and add more oxygen to the air! It’s a sustainable powerhouse that can revolutionize the building industry, help the planet and reduce our carbon footprint.

Below, we’ve put together a list of our favorite fun facts about the world’s most interesting plant. Let’s explore all of the amazing things you can do with bamboo, learn about where bamboo grows and discover where to buy bamboo products.

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