Bamboo Edging – An Eco-Friendly Addition to any Home

Installing bamboo edging in a garden is an excellent décor piece to help enhance the overall atmosphere of your backyard. Transforming your backyard into an island paradise can be achieved with just a few eco-friendly bamboo products such as border edging. Flower beds and garden ponds can always use a little bamboo to welcome a warm, Zen feeling to the area.

Bamboo borders are made with wires that allow for flexibility, making it easy to work around different shapes that may be present in your backyard. Bamboo is naturally sturdy and is an excellent product to use both indoors and outdoors. Learn more about choosing the right bamboo edging for your garden project and the benefits of bamboo below.

Tips for Choosing Garden Edging

Garden edging provides uniformity to your backyard space by separating and controlling vegetation. You can conveniently decorate the flexible nature of bamboo edging around walkways, water features, gardens and other outdoor structures. Choosing the suitable garden edging color along with proper decor items will allow you to enjoy your exterior space so you can spend more time gardening.

Search for bamboo edging in various colors and lengths to create an elegant look for any garden, and follow our tips to determine the proper edging for your property.

Choose Complementing Colors

From the traditional blonde look associated with bamboo to the rarer black bamboo, consider your aesthetic preferences before installing garden edging. A natural bamboo border can create a whimsical and warm space for your plants, while black bamboo edging is best suited for those with a bolder aesthetic. Whichever style you choose, ensure it complements your garden features, from your statuettes to your plants and flowers.

Craft a Theme

Consider the overall style or theme of your garden or backyard space. For a tropical atmosphere, use traditional natural bamboo edging in your garden alongside pink, blue and bright yellow flowers typical of tropical climates. Add tropical decor such as tiki structures, wind chimes, signs and more to create a relaxing garden area. Your garden edging should enhance rather than take away from other features, so plan accordingly to create a well-balanced space.

Consider Your Layout

Consider where you’d like to place your edging by designing a layout and measuring your space. Most bamboo poles for garden edging are cut in eight, ten and 12-inch lengths to create an organic and natural look to complement any decor scheme. You can also cut bamboo to any desired size to fit the needs of your individual project. All you will need is a sharp chop saw and some sandpaper to smooth the bamboo after cutting it.

After considering where you’d like to place your edging, gather the proper materials to hold it in place. We recommend wooden stakes or zip ties for securing bamboo borders to various structures.

Benefits of Bamboo Edging

There are numerous benefits to installing bamboo for your backyard garden project, from its strong material that can last for several years to its gorgeous tropical look that can transform any space. Appreciate the many advantages of bamboo edging, including:

  • Highly durable: Bamboo is strong and tough against the elements and should last for years, depending on your climate. While it’s a hardy material, if you plan on installing bamboo edging in direct sunlight, it’s an excellent idea to treat your bamboo with a clear sealant. Sealant or stain protects your bamboo, prolongs its lifespan and preserves its gorgeous look while helping prevent fading.
    Eco-friendly: Have peace of mind that you’re installing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood by using bamboo edging in your garden. Bamboo doesn’t need to be killed to be harvested, and your poles are cut at the root base to allow regrowth. Bamboo is 100% renewable and grown organically without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It even absorbs twice as much carbon dioxide as other plants and trees while releasing oxygen. This makes installing bamboo a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and combat climate change.
  • Lightweight: Due to its lightweight material, you can easily install bamboo edging, depending on your project needs. Its flexibility allows for a convenient design and installation process as you determine the best way to position your bamboo edging.

Beautiful Bamboo Edging to Liven up Your Backyard

When you choose Forever Bamboo for your garden edging, you’ll appreciate durable products that help transform your exterior space into a garden oasis. Installing a bamboo border requires little effort and can be done within just a few short hours. The bamboo used to make our borders comes from the highest quality Tonkin bamboo that has been carefully cut and dried. Each frame is already pre-assembled in 1×8 inch sections and has been capped to prevent mold and rain from deteriorating the inside of the pole pieces.

For the highest quality bamboo edging, purchase high-quality bamboo at wholesale prices directly from Forever Bamboo. Many of our products ship for free to save you money.

For any questions or help with your bamboo garden project, contact us today!


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