How to Maintain Your Beautiful Bamboo Fencing!

bamboo fencing walkway

Bamboo fencing is a naturally strong material. Despite its durability, like all outdoor materials, fencing needs to be taken care of to increase its life-span. Harsh elements such as UV rays can strip down the outer bamboo layer. Other elements such as the snow and rain can erode the fencing eventually. It will take these harsh natural elements longer to deteriorate bamboo fencing but why not protect it from the beginning?

Coat Bamboo Fencing with Wood Protectant

The number one way to protect your outdoor bamboo fencing is to coat it with a wood protectant. Coat your fencing right after setting it up so it will be protected from the start. We recommend using TWP (Total Wood Protectant) to shield your bamboo from UV rays, rain, sleet, ice, and other detrimental causes. TWP comes in a variety of stains. If you would like to retain the natural color of your fencing, go with a “Light Cedar” variety. For darker fencing, go with a “Dark Oak” color to preserve the rich deep hues.

Stable Posts Equal Stable Fencing

When installing your bamboo fencing, ensure that it is firmly and well installed with posts. This keeps the fencing sturdy and straight. Keeping your fence well secured will elongate its lifespan. This will prevent the bamboo fence panels from leaning which could cause the wires to stretch, thus making the fence panel loose. The ends of the bamboo poles can fray on the bottom if not installed correctly. Make sure each bamboo fence panel is secure and level to prevent this from happening.

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