How to Choose the Best Thatch for Your Lifestyle

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Adding thatch to your home or business is a great way to create a relaxed and tropical beach atmosphere. This beautiful and eco-friendly product has been used for thousands of years and is still one of the best ways to protect and decorate homes. Its natural beauty of makes it an attractive choice when it comes to designing your outdoor space. There are several different types to choose from. All come in different colors and textures which gives them its unique names. The Mexican, African, and Tahitian are the most popular type of natural thatch used around the world. For a longer lasting variety, synthetic is another great choice.

When comparing thatching material, you might find it difficult to choose between natural and artificial thatch. If purchased from a reputable dealer known for carrying quality products, natural thatch can hold its own against synthetic, while at the same time a good artificial thatch will rival its natural counterpart in appearance and performance. In the end, making a choice will likely come down to personal preference, but it is still valuable to examine the benefits that natural and synthetic thatch has to offer. As you go through the list of advantages of each, the one that has the elements that resonate with you the most will be the thatch product that you’ll be happiest with.



Mexican Palm Thatch

This type of thatch is popularly used in high-end resorts. It’s not hard to see why: with its  warm colors and lush texture, Mexican thatch is a fine choice. Made from dried palm leaves, it comes in a beautiful blend of golds, yellows, and beiges. The texture is “fluffy” and has a relaxed look to it. This is for perfect for creating your backyard oasis. The Mexican style typically lasts up to 5 years with maintenance.


African Reed Thatch

This thatch is known for its bold design with its clean lines and unique blend of colors. This material is made from African reed which is more structured. This gives any palapas or umbrella made with this thatch a clean silhouette. Since African reed comes in various colors, you will see hues of green, gold, and warm brown that beautifully complement each other. The African variety will last up to 8-10 years with proper care and is environmentally friendly.


Tahitian Palm Thatch

Another popular resort option type of thatch is the Tahitian. It has the relaxed and lush tropical look common to the islands in the South Seas. The Tahitian has cooler colors of grey and tan. The gray in this thatch gives it a luxurious look and is made from dried palm leaves that are found on the islands. Life expectancy is generally up to 10-12 years with the right type of care.


Synthetic Viro Thatch

For long lasting thatch, synthetic is a great choice. Highly resistant to the harsh elements of nature and pests, this will last up to 20 years. Despite it being synthetic, the look is highly realistic and will not mold or decay like natural thatch. It comes in warm and tan Java blend that mimics natural Mexican palm leaves. It also comes in the African reed style with subtle shades of green, gold, and coffee.

Artificial Thatch

Bringing some tropical flavor to your backyard can easily be done with some imagination and artificial thatch. For example, your gazebo is transformed into an island tiki hut just by installing thatch on the roof. Quality artificial thatch looks authentic and an artificial thatch roof will withstand the elements so it won’t mold or rot away, even if you live in an area that has a variety of seasons and sees drastic temperature fluctuations. Plus, man-made thatch resists pests, too, so your tropical hut will look terrifically authentic for years.

How to Install Your Thatch

Thatch is used as a building material for roofing. Thatching is the popular choice when it comes to thatching your tiki hut or other tropical décor. It is attractive, durable, and affordable. can purchase palm thatch in square sections: either, 3′ x 4′ or 4′ x 4′. There are also rolls of palm thatch available: 30″ x 22′ or 30″ x 57′.

It’s best to calculate the square footage of your roof first, so you are aware of how much thatching is required. We suggest purchasing an additional 10%, just in case. If your roof is a unique size, you may want to get a bit extra to avoid having to use small pieces of palm thatch. We also offer thatch flame retardant to keep your thatch safe and protected from the elements.

If you are using a plywood base for your thatch roof, you can easily staple the thatch directly to the roof. There are other methods that might make it easy to attach and remove the thatch. Explore our handy thatch installation guide for more information.

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