Bamboo Paneling Ideas: Easy, Elegant, and Green

Bamboo Paneling wall decoration

Bamboo paneling is a great material to quickly update the look of your indoor space. Bamboo paneling comes in panels of 4 feet by 8 feet. Bamboo paneling is also known as “flex bamboo” since they are flexible enough for many surfaces. Add paneling to walls, ceilings, tables, or any surface to give it a pop of texture and interest. The paneling is made from 100% natural bamboo. There are many different finishes and colors you can choose from.  Different styles of paneling gives you the option of changing the atmosphere of your area.

natural bamboo paneling wall

Bamboo Paneling for Every Surface

Bamboo is carefully milled into precise bamboo strips. The bamboo strips are attached with non-toxic glue to a thin fabric to create a flexible panel. Paneling can be easily cut into any shape. Cut it horizontally or diagonally to create the beautiful pattern you imagined. Since bamboo paneling is flexible you can attach it to convex or concave surfaces. Easy to install, use nails, staples, or glue to attach your paneling. Common installation surfaces are walls and ceilings. Like wallpaper, bamboo paneling easily updates the look of your indoor space. Another common use is to add the paneling to tables. Finish it off with a clear varnish for extra protection and a gorgeous sheen. Bamboo is a naturally durable material and an environmentally friendly resource.

bamboo paneling sliding door

Beautiful Finishes and Colors

A natural finish, carbonized finish. tortoise finish, or a chocolate finish is great for modern decor. Raw green paneling or natural raw paneling is perfect for a relaxed and tropical design. Some of the bamboo paneling come with a burnt node finish for an interesting pattern and detail. All finishes are expertly finished. Since bamboo is a natural product, the finish of each may vary slightly. These beautiful finishes work with many design schemes. Use bamboo paneling for you parties and gatherings. It works as a quick table runner or even make-shift flooring. Cover bars with bamboo paneling for extra decor and protection.

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