Artificial Thatch and The Tropical Look

Bringing some tropical flavor to your backyard can easily be done with some imagination and artificial thatch. For example, your gazebo is transformed into an island tiki hut just by installing thatch on the roof. Quality artificial thatch looks authentic and an artificial thatch roof will withstand the elements so it won’t mold or rot away, even if you live in an area that has a variety of seasons and sees drastic temperature fluctuations. Plus, man-made thatch resists pests, too, so your tropical hut will look terrifically authentic for years.

Buy Artificial Thatch Online

The classic tropical roofing material, thatch is a terrific choice for making over any structure to lend a Polynesian atmosphere. Roofed decks, covered patios, oversized umbrellas, even the roof of your storage shed–strategically installing artificial thatch will add to the overall look of your yard. The really great news is how easy it is to install. Pick your hardware of choice and, whether it’s nails, screws, or staples, quickly attach the thatch panels to the existing roof. It won’t take long at all to give your yard an island theme that will set it apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

Artificial Thatch, Synthetic Thatch – Not All Thatch is Alike

Many people may not realize that all thatch is not alike. Different types offer subtly different looks to create the perfect effect you are going for. Some are made from reed, like the Zulu Reed variety, and the colors vary across the types so, for example, if you want a classic look from an artificial product, you might choose Baja Palm thatch.

Long-lasting durability is what most people like about synthetic thatch, but many appreciate that the madden thatch from Forever Bamboo is eco-friendly. Though artificial, their imitation thatch is recyclable and won’t negatively affect the environment, even when precipitation causes runoff. Forever Bamboo specializes in all types of thatch, including artificial and natural varieties. If you’ve been longing to transform your yard into an island oasis, Forever Bamboo is the place to start.