5 Decorating Tips Using Bamboo Poles

Bamboo poles are an incredible way to naturally beautify your home or garden and completely transform the look of a room because of their unique, modern look. Many times, having bamboo interwoven into your decor can be a magnetic conversational piece for any guests you have. Since there are so many benefits and a wide array of uses for Bamboo in your decor, we’ve assembled some decorating ideas that you can use when figuring out the feng-shui of your home or garden.

1. Size It Up

If you are planning on using bamboo poles for a functional piece, such as a room divider, you will want to first decide which size poles are right for you. You can choose from sizes that range from five to ten feet in height, with several different diameters available. You also have the option of using faux bamboo poles if you prefer. By choosing the size that fits your needs perfectly, you can complete your project with minimal cutting. Once you have picked out the right pole size and performed the necessary cutting, you could stack the poles vertically to create a partition wall or a small privacy fence. They can also be used in your bedroom to build a bed canopy frame or even a beautiful bed headboard.

2. Use Half and Whole Bamboo Poles

Half poles work best when you want to place the material against another surface, such as a piece of wall art, or when you want to create a panel that is only visible from one side. Bamboo poles that have been cut in half are ideal for creating a backsplash. Use backlighting to create a stunning modern display that will be sure to catch the eye of every guest. Whole poles are best used to create an eye-catching display in a large vase, which is a very popular modern look. Smaller sized whole poles are ideal when creating a freestanding display that is visible from both sides. Both sizes can be used to create functional kitchen storage shelving by using the long poles as a frame and the short poles as shelves.

3. Stain and Modify Bamboo Outdoors

If you want to change the color of your bamboo pole display, you can easily stain, paint or varnish it. Bamboo can also be sanded and repainted if you want to change the display later. Since bamboo is a natural wood, similar to hardwood, you can easily stain the material to fit into your existing décor. Try staining the poles outdoors on a sunny day to make the process faster and to reduce the risk of spilling stain or paint on your indoor surfaces. While you’re outside, add some bamboo as garden trim to edge your backyard and create an amazing tropical space.

4. Take Steps to Reduce Water Damage

Bamboo is a real wood, which means that it may absorb water easily. You can protect your indoor displays by coating the bamboo pole with varnish or by using them in a dry area of the home. For instance, if you want to create a wall display or a piece of art in your bathroom made from bamboo, it is best to varnish or treat the wood to avoid excess moisture absorption. Treating the bamboo will ensure it looks great for years to come.

5. Integrate Bamboo into Your Existing Decor

Try combining your bamboo pole display with other bamboo products, such as bamboo thatch or a bamboo rug, or any other existing plant, to create a natural, sustainable theme for any room in your home. Opt for black bamboo poles in rooms with a more subtle theme, or try Guadua bamboo when you want to emphasize a bolder, more tropical theme. With the options available, you can easily create a display that will be a favorite in your home and a conversation-starter for your guests!

Revolutionize the Look of Your Home With Forever Bamboo

As we have discovered, adding bamboo to your home or garden in creative ways can very quickly transform a regular-looking room into a modern masterpiece. To get started revolutionizing the look of your home, contact us to learn more about the bamboo products you need today!

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