Quickly Create a Tropical Backyard Paradise

Not only is bamboo an environmentally friendly building material and sustainable resource, but it can also be used to quickly, easily and economically decorate your yard into an endless tropical vacation. This can be done by adding fences, rugs, walls or even a festive “Aloha” sign. Whatever you may choose to do, Forever Bamboo has a plethora of ideas to transform your backyard into a tropical paradise.


Tropical Accents

Tropical accents like tiki masks, signs or statues can instantly add an island flair to your backyard.

  • Install brightly colored adornments in a tiki bar or under a thatch umbrella for an authentic “Margaritaville” experience.
  • Line a pool or a walkway with tiki torches and you’ll feel like you have been transported to an exotic island and forget you are conveniently at home.
  • A tropical themed backyard should have one main area of focus with supporting accents throughout the scene. By hanging a bright colored “Aloha” sign to offer decorative signage throughout your yard.

Bamboo Borders

Build a border along pathways or in the garden. Bamboo borders add for an environmental alternative to wood that adds the extra touch of a tropical feel to your yard.

Bamboo Edging

Edging in a garden is a great décor piece to enhance the overall feeling of a tropical paradise. Flower beds and gardens are a great place to put bamboo, giving it a warm feeling to the area. If you plan on installing bamboo edging outdoors in direct sunlight it is a good idea to treat bamboo with a clear sealant to extend the lifespan

Bamboo Rug:

Place this under your outdoor furniture or strings of twinkle lights for night-time ambiance.

Bamboo Fencing:

Fencing comes in various sizes and colors and can be used for just about anything. Install it over an existing fence to add life and color in a few steps. You can use it to panel a do-it-yourself tiki bar or to give your backyard additional privacy. A bamboo fence is strong, durable and easy to install. This fencing can even be used as an animal enclosure or to divide a patio or garden.

Canopy with Bamboo Poles:

Bamboo poles are versatile building blocks that can be used for many projects. Choosing to decorate your canopy with bamboo rather than wood will give the tropical feel that your yard needs.


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