How to Decorate a Canopy using Bamboo Poles

Bamboo Poles are Perfect for Creating DIY Canopies!

Bamboo poles are versatile building blocks that can be used for many projects. Today we will focus on how to create your own canopy using bamboo poles! Canopies are perfect for everyday backyard use, for throwing dinner parties, or creating a romantic date.

Choosing the Right Bamboo Poles

Pick the appropriate bamboo pole for your canopy. Think of the bamboo poles as the base or the foundation to creating a beautiful canopy. The natural color bamboo pole is a warm and versatile color that will go with any style. The natural black color bamboo poles are subdued in its hues but no less richer in color. Both the natural and the black are great choices when it comes to choosing your canopy. Bamboo poles come in different thickness as well. The general rule is that the wider the pole is, the sturdier it is. This allows for a heavy duty type of canopy that can hold more accessories and other customizable details.

Instructions for Building Your Canopy from Bamboo Poles

Materials needed:

  • Large canvas drop cloth
  • Grommets
  • Zip Ties
  • Dowel Pin
  • Strong String
  • Tent Stake
  • 4 Bamboo Poles
  1. Insert the grommets: Using the grommet tool, punch a grommet into each corner of the canvas. Note: Instructions on how to use the grommet tool will be in the instruction manual.
  2. Prepare the poles: Use 4 thin bamboo poles with the height of your choice. If your poles are missing an anchor at the top, drill a hole into the top of each pole big enough to hold a dowel pin. Slide the dowel pin into each hole.
  3. Attaching the cloth: Place a grommet over the top of each pole. Wind the zip tie through the grommet and around the dowel pin. Set the zip tie tightly.
  4. Securing the canopy: Wind one end of a strong cord around the top of each pole. Wind the other end of the cord around a tent stake. Hammer the stakes to the ground.

bamboo poles pergola by the beach

Dress Up Your Canopy

Depending on the fabric and accessories used, this can vastly change the style of your canopy. Canvas fabrics are great for everyday use while draping gauzy and delicate fabrics are perfect for parties or a romantic dinner. The color of the fabric can also change the mood and atmosphere of your space. Hang lights or lanterns to illuminate your canopy and to create a warm glow. Tie crystals or tassels to the bamboo poles for an extra decor kick. Another fun yet chic decor style is to hang terrariums with succulents in them.

Canopies are perfect for the upcoming summer months. Using bamboo poles, they are the perfect and sturdy building blocks for creating a gorgeous and lush canopy. Entertain friends and family under the stars this summer!

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