Forever Bamboo Tutorials

In the next couple of weeks we will be producing short tutorial videos that will be available to view on our website and new YouTube page. These videos will display our thatch, bamboo fencing, paneling, bamboo poles, reed fencing, Bac Bac matting, and Lauhala matting. In each video, we will be educating our viewers about each product and ways in which you can install and enhance your home or business.

Here’s a list of topics that will be discussed in each tutorial.


Bamboo Fencing


  • Tools required for installation (zip ties, drill, and screws)
  • Properly pre-drill fencing
  • Install on a chain-link fence, tiki bar, counter front, and existing wooden fence
  • How to apply protective sealant (Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil)

Bamboo Paneling

  • Color and sizing options
  • 2 different ways to cut paneling
  • Installation

  • Tools (Staple gun, razor, tape measure, chop saw)
  • Installation on a tiki bar front
  • How to apply Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil

Bamboo Poles

  • Color and sizing options
  • Tools (drill, chop saw 44 tooth blade, measuring tape)
  • How to cut, re-size, and split individual poles
  • Pre-drill poles to prevent cracking
  • Compare poles with and without Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil

Reed Fencing

  • Color and sizing options
  • Tools (staples, tape measure, staple gun)
  • How to install on a tiki bar front with slats
  • Installation on a chain-link fence with zip ties
  • Installation on a fencing panel with staples

Lauhala & Bac Bac Matting

  • Sizing and design options
  • Tools (glue, staples, nails, tape, staple gun, and blade)
  • How to cut, re-size, and reinforce matting
  • Install on a tiki bar
  • Install with slats as a border

We look forward to hearing your feedback. Please let us know what else you would like to see in our upcoming videos.



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