Bamboo Privacy Fencing

Bamboo privacy fencing not only serves to shield your yard from view of the neighbors or passersby, but it is attractive enough to enhance the atmosphere of your yard, adding a decorative element. The features that provide the privacy factor are the height of the fence, between 58 and 60 inches according to  DIY Network, and the fact that the fence is non-transparent. A privacy fence can be made from almost any material from concrete, brick, and stone to vinyl and even hedges can be used to create a privacy barrier. Bamboo is an ideal choice for constructing a privacy fence because it is inexpensive, simple to install, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain. Additionally, even though bamboo is technically a type of grass, it has a natural beauty much like wood to enhance any outdoor space.

Bamboo Privacy Fence

If you are starting from scratch, building a privacy fence where there previously wasn’t one, it’s wise to have your property surveyed first to ensure that your new fence is entirely on your property and doesn’t encroach on neighboring land. If you’re not starting from square-one, attaching bamboo privacy fencing to an existing fence is convenient because the existing fence should already be located properly, plus there will already be a framework in place to which you can attach the fencing panels. Be sure to treat your bamboo fencing with a quality product formulated for use on hardwoods to extend the life of your privacy fence.

When shopping for bamboo fencing to create a privacy fence, be sure to look for quality products. At Forever Bamboo, we carry a wide range of fencing including bamboo, willow, and reed, that’s a snap to install and will beautifully transform your yard. Not only do we have fencing in a selection of stunning natural colors, but we also have the Australian timber oil products to keep your fence looking wonderful year after year. For the best tropical building materials, come to the bamboo experts at Forever Bamboo.

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