How to Decorate Your Interior Using Bamboo

Decorating your interior using bamboo

Bamboo is a material that represents breezy nature and the tropics, but it doesn’t have to remain outside. It also has a place in interior design, especially for spaces trying to capture the essence of island life. The use of bamboo in design has fluctuated in the past. In recent years, interior designers have been drawn back to bamboo in their creations, and they prefer it over industrial styles due to its natural appearance and the unending possibilities of this material.

The eco-friendly and stylish element of bamboo changes the ambiance of a room into a true tropical escape. Join the bamboo trend by incorporating bamboo in clever and attractive ways. Check out the following ideas to decorate inside your home using bamboo or dressing up your establishment with this material.

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Bamboo Fencing

Decorating with bamboo indoors

Bamboo fencing, in particular, may fit into exterior decor like gardens and huts, but interior fencing surprisingly brings the tropics past your doors and into your rooms. Using bamboo for decorating means you can be creative, even with fencing. Bamboo fencing can still do its original job of enclosing an area, but in the case of this embellishment, it creates sections inside rooms with a breezy flair.

1. Living Room Divider

DIY bamboo room divider

Fencing breaks up a large room or common space with the fresh look of bamboo. Taller fencing, 4 to 8 feet high, is appropriate for large common rooms, because there is enough area for them to attract attention but not restrict people from moving about. Create an extra seating area by jutting out the bamboo fencing segment, so visitors must step around a corner to enter the space. A Natural Rolled Bamboo Fence that reaches 8 feet in height and length will add dimension to your open space.

2. Bathroom Section Divider

Visitors appreciate extra privacy in the bathroom at resorts and businesses. Shorter bamboo section dividers belong in smaller, more intimate areas. Large bathrooms with multiple stalls may use bamboo dividers to separate the sinks or mirror areas from a waiting area and the stalls. Bathrooms for separate hotel rooms also benefit from the added enclosures around the shower or bath area. These bamboo boundaries introduce a luxurious ambiance to your establishment. A 4-foot barrier is a bamboo enclosure that would suit most bathrooms, and a Caramel Brown Rolled Bamboo Fence enhances a darkly colored space.

3. Changing Screen

Screens, which historically were used in Japan for protection from the wind, include hinged sections. The foldable structure is easy to store or move about the room. It adds an option for some privacy to the room and can be simply constructed from rolled bamboo. Two or three sections are typical for the screens. Screens should be tall enough to cover an average person, so a 6-foot high screen will serve most people. Use a 6-foot high Natural Rolled Bamboo Fence that also is thick enough to present a sturdy barrier. If you’d rather not create your own screen, you can place these pre-made Free-Standing Privacy Screens in your interior space.

Bamboo Poles

Decorating with bamboo poles indoors

Bamboo poles are a versatile interior ornament, and the long and segmented wood boosts the coastal style. Although they were once used as fishing tools in China and Japan, bamboo poles have shifted into a decorative rather than practical purpose. The poles, whether solid, split or slat, dress up a room in creative and unexpected ways. Bamboo poles can stand upright in a base, lean against furniture or even line steps.

1. Large Pots Filled With Poles

Substantial pots with bamboo poles filling them is a stylish choice for interior decoration. Pots will be so large that they must sit on the floor, so if you have extra room in your resort or business to place these around on the ground, then they’ll improve your waiting areas. These can be thick or thin, stand-alone or mix with other plants in an arrangement, and be short or long. Thick bamboo poles will be a dramatic statement piece in a room, as they’ll take up room in the pots. Thin bamboo poles will simulate the effect of leafy plants that normally fill plant pots. Mixing the bamboo poles with other plants gives you the chance to add color and diverse textures to your potted arrangements.

2. Tall Decorative Separating Partition

Bamboo partitions that stretch between the ceiling and floor are a striking focal point for your design. Crossing the bamboo poles from top to bottom creates a see-through barrier that breaks up a room while maintaining the line of sight. Add a rock base, which produces stability and a natural aesthetic on this scale. This tall decorative separator can be used to break up rooms with extra space or work as an eye-catching centerpiece for the interior layout. Eucalyptus poles are an alternative to bamboo that shares many of its characteristics, and it is a thick and durable option for this decorative partition.

3. Slatted Window Shutters or Blinds

Bamboo poles that come in slats instead of a rounded or solid form work well as slatted shutters or blinds for windows. These slats are a different shape from typical bamboo poles which allows them to layer effectively as a window covering. Window shutters let in light through slats in a classic way while keeping up the tropical effect. On the other hand, bamboo blinds will be a modern twist that incorporates the coastal setting for your retail location or resort. Mahogany Bamboo Slats will flank your windows with flat and richly-colored material and convey an authentic tropical effect. If your building’s windows are far from the waterfront style you desire, tie them into your theme by hanging bamboo blinds or constructing bamboo shutters.

4. Split Bamboo Wall Decor

For a slightly rounded effect, use split bamboo poles. Since they are flat on one side, they lay well on walls. Wall decorations made from bamboo can take many designs and can be as simple as ceiling and floor trim. Split bamboo trim incorporates a subtle taste of coastal fashion, which complements even simple furnishings. However, wall decor pulls together the other bamboo decor that you add to your resort rooms or tropically-themed interior. A bamboo pole half round is a material that makes an intriguing design and authentic addition to beachside businesses.

5. Enhancing Stair Addition

Don’t neglect the possibilities of well-designed stairs in your interior design. Intricate bamboo staircases are powerful statements, and they can be large yet detailed, like the stairs at this marketing agency in Beijing show. Stairs can use structural bamboo made of guadua, a South American bamboo, but bamboo decoration can also enhance existing stair structures. Bamboo railings can be made with sturdy bamboo for overlooking balconies inside. Exchange current stair railings for a bamboo one. Vertically placed bamboo poles can highlight the height of your stairs and draw the eye upwards.

6. Free-Standing Poles

Bamboo poles don’t need to stand in a pot to accent a room — they can even be strategically propped up in the corner to add a tropical ambiance in a relaxed and authentic way. Free-standing poles leaning against the wall leave a carefree and serene effect for a seaside destination. As the easiest of bamboo home decorations, free-standing poles are effortless. The best places to prop these pieces up are rooms with high ceilings. Set them against tall furniture pieces, like soaring chests of drawers or cabinets. If you choose an 8-foot long and 3-inch diameter selection for your Natural Bamboo Poles, you will have the perfect tall accessory to place around your rooms.

7. Bamboo Structures Based in Rock Beds

Similar to the tall partition project, some bamboo poles poking out of rock beds offer minimal covering and maximum aesthetic style. These are shorter decorations that add a line of protruding bamboo poles to a common area or bedroom. Whether you choose to suspend your bamboo poles from long, flat beds or individual blocks for sections of bamboo, the jutting out bamboo poles form a textured barrier. Fill the rock beds with tiny pebbles or chunkier rocks to showcase your establishment’s unique taste in design. Brightly colored rocks and poles introduce a tropical feeling that is fresh and vibrant. Branch out in your color palette with Artificial Bamboo Poles. Position these bamboo structures and rock beds behind couches to highlight the area.

Bamboo Borders

DIY indoor bamboo border

Bordering material surrounds your interior design with natural island beauty and dresses up doors, windows, edging and more with the cascading effect. Outlining your room’s fixtures with bamboo edging sets your tropical-themed business apart from the rest. Among the many applications of bamboo borders, framing your favorite parts of a room is the most popular — but even that can appear differently from room to room and project to project.

1. Mirror or Picture Bordering Frame

A large and centrally placed mirror gets noticed, but with the proper framing, it will keep the attention and make it hard to look away. Convert half-round bamboo poles or bamboo slats into frames by placing it on the wall around your hanging mirrors. Hanging pictures and paintings also deserve a natural way to encompass the artist’s work. A prominent piece, especially one that reflects the seaside ambiance, can be boosted with a frame of varied heights of segmented bamboo pieces. Raised canvas paintings that are not set in frames can still pop with bamboo slats added to the sides. Dark bamboo slats or half-round poles creates contrast on light walls, so choose your accenting colors carefully.

2. Headboard Border

If you need to enhance a series of hotel rooms, you can highlight the headboards in bedrooms with a bamboo border. This is also a great way to decorate your home interior with bamboo. Headboards pull together bedroom design by standing as a background for the comfortable bed topped with decorative pillows. While you need a cushioned and sturdy headboard for the beds, the headboard can get an upgrade with bamboo trim attached to the walls directly behind the headboard. Tracing the outline of the headboard with the bamboo boosts the dimension of the fixture. This luxurious ambiance with extra depth will make your bedroom a pleasant getaway. A bundle of the Natural Bamboo Border will frame a series of headboards for your resort or spa business.

3. Window Trim

DIY bamboo window trim

Trim your windows with an intriguing bamboo pattern. Bordering these sources of natural light with a natural material like bamboo keeps the breezy and coastal elements at the forefront of your design. Windows are an obvious choice for bordering because they need framing as much as a mirror or painting does — except the picture encompassed here is the genuine inspiration for your tropical theme. Join the sides of the edging at an angle when corners meet for an elegant finish.

Bamboo Paneling

Decorating with bamboo paneling

Paneling covers large surfaces with the distinct lines of bamboo, so your wall or ceiling can be overlaid with the material. The smaller bamboo slats are moderately easy to install with an adhesive or other attaching method. Wall paneling and even ceiling applications change a typical room appearance into a Tiki-inspired destination.

1. Wall Coverings

Either cover an entire accent wall with bamboo paneling or form a wainscot of paneling. Wainscot travels around the lower half of the wall, and if bamboo paneling made up the bottom portion of your walls, you’d bring nature to decorate inside your home using bamboo. An accent wall incorporates texture and new bamboo patterns into your house or establishment. Consider tortoise or even Raw Green paneling for a change from the light tan bamboo styles that are common in tropical decor.

2. Ceiling Paneling

Surprise any customers and guests who look up in your rooms by decorating the ceiling with paneling. The ceiling is often overlooked but is an unexpected place to add bamboo house decor. Although bamboo paneling may be more difficult to install on the ceiling rather than the walls, they transform your rooms from standard spaces to completed areas. A Carbonized Finish Bamboo Wall Paneling is a unique, rich pattern to adorn your ceiling as opposed to tiles or troweled finishing.

Bamboo Furniture

Decorating with bamboo furniture

Furniture made of bamboo is an alternative to wood that carries the tropical theme through. Paneling, borders, poles and fencing change the state of the room, but bamboo furniture accessorizes interior areas. From chairs to shelves, bamboo furniture has a formidable tensile strength and an attractive look.

1. Tables

Bamboo tables keep the coastal theme accurate. A surface of slatted bamboo is smooth yet retains the texture of the material. A Bamboo Coffee Table is an original addition to waiting areas and living rooms. The Round Bamboo Table is an excellent side table. These essentials are places to rest refreshments and socialize over in between seaside fun. For lounge areas in tropical style locations, these tables are the perfect fit.

2. Shelves

Bamboo shelving is fashionable and practical for your every need. Shelves increase the possibilities of decoration also by what you place on them, so introducing these into your rooms is doubly useful. The Bamboo Shelf is a convenience for guests and customers in resorts, businesses or houses. The Four Tier Bamboo Shelf is a taller option that can adorn bedrooms, kitchens and common rooms. There is ample room for storage and embellishments on these shelves, and the bamboo structure expertly features these.

3. Bamboo Chairs

Chairs constructed from bamboo are impressive and suit a variety of purposes, from dining room seating to lounging. For those looking to select rare decorative seating for their interiors, bamboo chairs are a fresh yet classic choice. The Bamboo Dining Chair will fill a dining table with natural seating that accents any other tropical pieces in the surrounding design. The Bamboo Payang Chair is made of thick bamboo and forms a cozy seat. The cushioned seat is appropriate for living rooms and waiting areas, especially when a coffee table is nearby.

Reasons to Use Bamboo as Interior Decor

Why decorate your indoor space with bamboo

Bamboo is not just an attractive option. It has many advantages that put it at the top of the decorative material checklist. As bamboo helps your interior stun guests and customers, it also aids the environment, your care-taking efforts and your potential need for versatility. The following reasons explain why bamboo has been used for centuries and keeps returning as a component in decoration.

1. Eco-Friendly

Bamboo decorations are green options, and they are a sustainable material. The ancient building material continues to be a light-weight but durable option in structures and designs. In comparison with wood or plastic, bamboo is a renewable and safe material for the environment. Regularly producing and harvesting the plant is not a problem, because it regrows very quickly. The rapid growth and tenacious nature of bamboo make it a reliable decorative element.

2. Simple Maintenance

Depending on climate and condition, the lifespan of bamboo differs and is moderately easy to keep up. The simple measures that you’ll take to care for the bamboo decor can be eased by a coat of protectant. Diminish fading and weathering by regularly applying protectant, usually by the year. It also seals the bamboo to keep away signs of wear and tear and maintain the original state as much as possible. However, the upkeep and durability are significant advantages to the material in your interior decoration projects for your house or business. We offer a wide variety of bamboo sealants in a number of colors.

3. Versatile

Bamboo, as this list has shown, can be used in many parts of the interior design. From wall paneling to simple bamboo poles, your island-themed designs take on a new shape with this material. The different forms of bamboo can create flat embellishments but also textured partitions and enclosures. Slats, rounds, paneling, bordering and structural bamboo all work to dress up your space. Bathrooms, waiting rooms, lounges and bedrooms can all improve with bamboo decorations. Bamboo even fits separate styles, as bohemian, tropical, Tiki-themed and beach-side styles all benefit from these accents. It suits resorts, theme parks, retail establishments and other themed companies.

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Let the endless possibilities of bamboo in interior decoration inspire you to revamp your rooms. To decorate using bamboo, consider which pieces will enhance your space the most and what color scheme or overall style you want. Will free-standing poles or bamboo chairs be the next addition to your design? To begin on your decoration projects, you need a supplier that has all these bamboo options and more.

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