Installing a Synthetic Thatch Gable Style Roof

Synthetic Thatch Viro Java Panels – Effortless Installation For Gable Style Roof

Synthetic thatch must be installed on sturdy solid surface structures or on plywood decking over rafters in order to adhere correctly. To ensure protection from rainy weather we recommend applying a waterproof membrane to solid surfaces prior to any thatch installations.

  1. Begin with half panels on the lowest part of the roof; this will serve as the starter row. The overhang on the eve should be around ½ to ¾ inches; overhang at the bottom should be 12″-16″.
  2. Use 4″-5″ roofing nails or ¾” staples on the brown plastic band that holds the thatch together on the top.
  3. Install additional panels next to the first to complete the row. Use 6″-8″ roofing nails or staples to secure the thatch.
  4. For a lush look, double layer thatch by placing second panels over the starter panels. Align the second panel directly below the brown plastic band of the starter row.
  5. Continue the starter and first row by maintaining a 12″-16″ overhang.
  6. Begin the second row and place thatch panels 8″on center from the starter row.
  7. Work the remaining thatch panels up the roof with 8″ on center and consistent overhang space.
  8. When a row reaches the eave, cut panels accordingly to give a ½” or ¾” overhang space.
  9. Make adjustments if needed to the 8″ on center row near the top. The last row should align with the top of the ridge.
  10. Use half panels 8″ on center to cover the ridge of the structure.
  11. Continue the same installation process for the remaining side of the roof.

Viro Thatch Installation

Viro Thatch Installation 3

Viro Thatch Installation 4