Hawaiian Tiki Mask

The Hawaiian tiki mask is central to Polynesian art. Most tiki mask designs are based on the four major deities in Polynesian culture: Kane, Kanaloa, Ku, and Lono. Because Hawaiians worshipped in their homes as well as in temples, according to Encyclopedia.com carved masks and idols designed to resemble the gods could be found in most public and private places throughout the islands. In fact, although the culture’s religion recognized many gods and demigods, the National Park Service says that it was only the worship of the four main deities that was done publicly. Worship of the lesser gods was considered private business.

Hawaiian Tiki Mask

The Hawaiian Tiki Mask – A Long History

The Hawaiian deities each ruled over more than one aspect of the natural world, and individual characteristics were recognized separately. For example, Kane was the principal god, the one who was associated with creation of humans and nature and was ruler over procreation and life. Ku was in charge of politics, war, and the fertility and productiveness of the earth. Lono ruled over agriculture and had charge of the rain, and Kanaloa was the Polynesian god of death and the sea. In worship, Hawaiians addressed the specific characteristic of the deity they were concerned with at the time, so that’s why there is more than one Hawaiian tiki mask for each Polynesian god.

Though many masks are modeled after Polynesian deities, you can find an assortment of tiki masks for other occasions depending on what mood you want to inspire in a room or area. For example, with the right Hawaiian tiki mask you can kindle an atmosphere of love, peace, or even fun. Traditional Hawaiian masks are an essential part of decor for any island-themed area whether it’s in the home or a business setting.

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