Viro Java Thatch Installation

Artificial Thatch Installation – Valley Roof Styles

If you are planning on rethatching your valley roof structure, artificial Viro Java thatch panels are the way to go. You will need to make sure all structures have a solid surface such as plywood decking or a waterproof membrane.

  1. Install a starter row and use half panels to create a stagger. The overhang that covers the eaves should be about ½” to 3/4″ and allow for a 12″-16″ overhang towards the bottom.
  2. Use 4 to 5 roofing nails or 3/4″ staples to secure each panel to the roof.
  3. We suggest installing a double layer for the first row to create a lush island look. Place full panels over the starter half panels and nail or staple below the brown plastic band.
  4. Continue the starter and first row across the bottom and continue to maintain a 12″-16″ overhang.
  5. Begin the second and successive rows 8″ on center and follow the same process. Install half panels where necessary to keep the seams between panels staggered.
  6. As each row reaches the eave, cut the panels so the overhang still reaches ½” or ¾”.
  7. The last panel on any row should stop evenly with the valley or a few inches short.
  8. Alternate the rows into the valley and allow the panels to form and sit in the valley.

Viro Thatch Installation 5

Artificial Thatch Installation – Hip Roof Styles

For roofs with hips, begin with a starter row and successive rows 8″ on center. Remember to maintain a 12″-16″ overhang towards the bottom and consistent length on any eaves.

Important Tips

  1. The last panel on any row should stop with the hip or a few inches short.
  2. Adjust panels to the 8″ on center row spacing as you get close to the top. Make sure the last row lines up evenly with the top of the ridge.
  3. Continue with half panels to cover the hips using 8″ on center spacing.

Viro Thatch Installation 6

Artificial Thatch Installation – Rounded or Umbrella Roof

If you have a round roof, gazebo or umbrella, install Viro Java panels in rows with 8″ on center spacing. Create a starter row and continue with rows moving upward and leaving 12″-16″ overhang at the bottom. You can add a Java top cone that measures 36″ in diameter to the very top of your structure for a finished look. The top cone can be secured to the structure with sturdy wire.

Viro Thatch Installation 7

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