Bamboo Paneling – Eco-Friendly Walls

Deciding how to decorate your space and revamp the look of the rooms in your home can be a difficult task. Many have turned to bamboo to give their home a natural look that also catches the eye with its modernity. In particular, bamboo paneling is a popular way to give the rooms in your house a complete makeover. Let’s take a look at bamboo paneling and how you can use it to give your home a new look!

What is Bamboo Paneling?

Bamboo paneling is a flexible bamboo material that can be applied to concave or convex surfaces, as well as regular flat walls and ceilings. It’s pliable traits contribute to its desirability when resurfacing a room since it can be easily applied to walls or ceilings that might involve a few awkward angles that would make it hard to cover with other, less-pliable materials. Bamboo paneling can simply be installed with nails, glues, or staples to any surface around your home.

Why Bamboo Paneling?

You might be asking yourself, “Why would I want to panel my walls or ceilings with bamboo?”, which is a fair question. Bamboo paneling offers a very modern and stylish look for a fraction of the price of other comparable materials. Additionally, you have plenty of options to customize the look of your room with an abundance of color and thickness variations that you just can’t get with any other paneling on the market. Bamboo is a durable material in its own right and will last many years with standard upkeep making it well worth the investment to freshen the look of your home.

How Do I Use Bamboo Paneling in my Rooms?

The first thing to consider when thinking about using bamboo panels in a room is the kind of atmosphere you want to create. It’s important to use the right style and color of bamboo paneling for the intended purpose of the room. Once you have decided what you want, you can replace wallpaper or regular painted walls with some eye-catching bamboo paneling! Different looks can be created using different types of finishes. For a modern look, try using a natural, carbonized, tortoise, or chocolate finishes. For a more tropical look and feel, raw green or natural raw is a great stain option.

Transform Your Home With Bamboo

Bamboo paneling is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to provide a completely new look to any room. It’s relatively easy to install and will certainly get your guests talking! Regardless of the current style or purpose of the room, there is a bamboo paneling option to fit your style and functional needs! Forever Bamboo can get you a quote on the bamboo paneling you need to start transforming your room – contact us today!