5 Home Decor Ideas Using Bamboo Sticks

If you are redecorating your home, bamboo sticks are a beautiful, natural and totally sustainable accessory that can bring a warm, tropical feel to any room. Bamboo stick is very easy to work with, allowing you to create pieces that transform the look of your home without a lot of work.

DIY Crafts

Bamboo sticks can be customized to create a wide range of DIY crafts that range from planters to photo frames. Just cut the bamboo sticks to the desired length and secure the sticks using natural twine, glue or your choice of fasteners to create a design that is unique to your home. For those that aren’t crafty or just don’t have time to create their own designs, bamboo sticks can also be used as is to create unique home displays.

Creative Room Dividers

Bamboo sticks are an amazing, all natural way to separate spaces in your home. You can begin by ordering bamboo in the size that is right for your space, then either hang the sticks individually from the ceiling or create a wall using the sticks by fastening the sticks together in the length that fits your room. This project does take a little time but is ideal for rooms where you want to emphasize a natural, tropical atmosphere. Bamboo works in a wide variety of themes because it is a natural wood that is a neutral color.

Stunning Vase Décor

A large vase filled with bamboo is a simple option for the minimalist home décor theme. Bamboo stick is a simple addition that can brighten a room with deeper colors, or enhance a room filled with lemon yellows, lime greens or basic pastels. The vase can be any color or style that fits your theme best. Some good options are open, cast iron frames to hold the bamboo stick in place or extra large dark colored vases that make the natural color of the bamboo pop. This idea is perfect when you want to fill a large open space in your home without adding a lot of clutter or when you want to keep décor more streamlined and neutral.

Canopy Frames

Creating a canopy frame for your bed takes just moments when you use natural bamboo. All you need to do is place each pre-measured stick at intervals above the bed, with the length of the bamboo horizontally above the bed. You can use a hook and chain method to hang the bamboo or utilize your own method to hang the materials. Leave one to two inches between the bamboo and the ceiling, then place the materials you are using for your canopy between the bamboo and ceiling for a fast and easy canopy that is also very affordable.

Bamboo Displays

If you have pieces of bamboo stick left from creating a canopy or DIY craft, you can use them to create a display. A backlight turns a deep frame filled with bamboo stick into a eye-catching conversation piece. You can also secure smaller pieces of bamboo to create a vase to accent a larger bamboo theme in your home. There are endless ways that you can take something as simple as a piece of bamboo and turn it into a creative centerpiece for your home.

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