Different Thatch Types

Irish thatch is a gathered thatch made of brush or straw and tied on one end.

Mexican thatch is made of palm leaves woven together with knots on one side and a nice layered thatch on the other.

African thatch consists of small reeds glued together at the top, a different look than the woven thatch.

Haitian thatch is woven together in knots on one side like Mexican but the knots and the palm leaves are much larger.

Vietnam and Mainland China have two types if thatch. The first is woven with the knot style the other is woven without knots. Both seem to be nice but not as durable as the Mexican or African reed thatch.

Nipa from the Philippines. This thatch is made from palm leaves wrapped around a bamboo slat on one end. Nice to look at and durable as well, but again a different style all together than the Mexican Palm Leaf Thatch.

Styles and size

Classic style: 4′ x 3′ panel and 3 sizes 7′, 9′ and 12′ of round diameter umbrella covers or palapa tops.

Newer style: size is a 30″ x 57′ and 30″ x 22′ runner or skirt. A large, round, 15′ diameter umbrella cover or Palapa is also a contemporary option.

Many people feel the best thatch comes from Mexico. In Mexico most thatch is hand woven and comes from the same region in the mountains of Puebla.

Thatch can be used indoors and outdoors. Hand woven thatch tends to be the more popular choice. Thatch is water resistant; not waterproof, and is best used in hot, dry climates for longevity. Thatch does not hold up well in a humid environment. There are different thatch options; for example Mexican Thatch and Tahitian Palm Thatch, just to name a few. Thatch can be purchased in individual panels or in packs. Whether you are building a tropical tiki hut or simply looking to have a natural type of insulation, thatch provides a natural and durable choice of building material.


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