How to Cut Bamboo Slats

After purchasing bamboo slats, you might be wondering how to cut or how to install them. There’s no need to worry, as we have laid out some easy to follow directions for you here! Follow these directions for a smooth installation for your bamboo slats:

What You Need

  • Tape Measure
  • Chalk
  • Table Saw (with a blade that has at least 120 teeth)
  • Gloves
  • Goggles

Cutting Bamboo Slats

Before cutting anything, make sure you measure the area where you plan to install the bamboo slats. Use the tape measure to acquire the measurement, hold the tape in place and find the same measurement on the bamboo slat. Using the chalk, mark the bamboo slat at the measurement you got for the area where you are installing.

Ensure your table saw is set up in a space large enough to allow for the 6-foot slats to hang off the side of your saw. Once you’ve put on your gloves and goggles, and safely plugged in and turned on your table saw, hold both sides of the bamboo slats firmly and push the slat carefully into the blade at the mark you created with the chalk.

Pay special attention to not put your fingers in the path of the blade and move the slats slowly through the blade to keep your cut as straight as possible and avoid mistakes. Additionally, please make sure your gloves and goggles are worn properly to avoid injury from any projectile debris that may be thrown from the saw.

Installing Bamboo Slats

There are multiple ways to install bamboo slats, so consider the type of surface you plan to stall on. Different installation methods work better on certain surfaces, so be sure to research what will work best for your surface before choosing the adhesive medium to use. To install bamboo slats, you will need either staples, nails, or glue, depending on the type of surface you are installing on.

Regardless of what medium you choose, be sure to space the adhering material evenly throughout the slats to ensure that the slats do not become loose in certain sections on the adhering surface. The best way to do this is to decide on an exact measurement of the space between points of adhesive contact. When using glue specifically, be sure to apply evenly throughout the entire bamboo slat to prevent bubbling or loose points that will shorten the lifespan of the slats.

Finally, when actually adhering the bamboo slats to the surface, please move slowly and carefully so that your finished product will have the best aesthetic. Applying the adhering medium rapidly can leave more opportunity for mistakes, and in the case of glue especially, can cause the amount of time your bamboo slats will stay on the surface to drastically decrease. If you have any questions about bamboo installation, please contact our customer care team!


How to Cut Bamboo Slats

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