Bamboo Fencing and Pets

Bamboo Fencing and Pets

As a pet-owner and dog-lover, keeping your pup happy and healthy is your top priority. Whatever kind of home you live in, you want your dog to have enough space, freedom and opportunity to run, play, explore, expend energy and experience the joy of just being a dog — but you need to make sure they are safe in the process. That means establishing a barrier around your yard to keep your pup from wandering off or coming into contact with any outside danger.

While many dog-owners like to settle for the ease and invisibility of electric fences for containing their dogs, it may not be the safest or most effective option for keeping your pup contained. When you’re letting your beloved dog loose in your yard, you want to be sure they are as secure and safe as possible — and they stay on your property. Not sure where to start? Here’s everything you need to know about the best fencing for dogs and what a bamboo pet fence can do for your property.

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Secure and Safe Fencing for Pets

When considering what will make your yard the best environment for your dog, it’s important to consider a few key factors related to your pup’s behavior. A simple wood or chain-link fence might seem like the easiest solution for closing in your backyard, but it won’t necessarily solve all your problems or make your property as friendly as possible for your dog or your neighbors. When you’re choosing the best garden fencing for dogs, think about the following factors:

  • How big is your dog? If you have a small pup, the size and type of your fence aren’t as much of an issue, but for medium dogs, like labs and retrievers, or especially large breeds, like German shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers and Great Danes, a short fence that lacks particular sturdiness won’t serve much of a purpose. You want to make sure your fence is proportionally tall enough and strong enough to keep your dog safely contained in your yard.
  • Does your dog like to run and jump? If your pup is older or has a more laid-back in temperament, you might not have to put as much thought into shoring up your fence. However, most dogs are active, energetic and excited to engage with the world around them. While giving them space in the yard for playing, movement and exploration is important for their happiness and health, think about the potential results of your excited pup’s energy — you don’t want them jumping or damaging the fence and escaping your yard. Again, consider the height and resistance of the best fencing for dogs with active personalities.
  • Does your dog bark at people and animals? Is your dog overly territorial or excitedly friendly? Well-trained dogs can be conditioned to be more polite to passing people, but almost every dog’s instinct is to greet a new face with a display of barking. When you live in a neighborhood, this can be both distracting and intimidating to your neighbors — even if your pup only means to be friendly. No one will be able to enjoy a quiet walk or a relaxing evening in their yard if your dog makes noise every time they spot someone. Fences with limited privacy and some coverage can prevent this by partially blocking the view to and from your yard.

Tall Enough Fence for Dogs

Pet-Proofing Your Fence

It is important to make sure your fence is safe for your pet. This means it should be tall enough to resist the threat of your dog jumping it, sturdy enough to stand up against your dog’s body weight, tight enough that your dog can’t break or squeeze through the posts and low enough that your dog can’t dig their way under and out.

Wondering how to keep your dog from climbing a chain link fence or jumping over the top? Here are some steps for dog-proofing your split-rail fence:

  • If you have a short fence and you’re worried about your dog jumping it, installing taller metal T-posts can help prevent this possible problem. Attach the T-posts at the top of the fence to extend its height and secure mesh fencing to the top halves of your posts to create a better barrier and keep your pup safely inside your yard.
  • If your dog has a bad habit of digging beneath your fence, you can bury chicken wire in the soil below to make it more difficult for your dog to burrow. Dig your chicken wire to the depth of about one foot below your fence to create a barrier for those pesky paws. This can be helpful if you have a chain link or wooden fence that hovers slightly above the ground or doesn’t have posts dug deeply into your yard.
  • For split rail fences, you can dog-proof by adding a privacy screen to help prevent disruption from passing distractions like neighbors or other animals. The screens can also keep your dog from squeezing between rails and breaking them or escaping, and it can stop children and animals from taunting your pup through the rungs.
  • Installing bamboo fencing for pets is one of the best ways to dog-proof your yard. Reed fencing or bamboo rolls are sturdy, resistant to pressure, slick and difficult to climb. Plus, you can attach them on top of already existing structures like wood and chain link fences, concrete, cement blocks or gates.

Bamboo Fencing for a Dog-Safe Yard

Bamboo Fencing For Pets

With a variety of beneficial qualities and functions, bamboo pet fences are the perfect way to solve all your pet-proofing problems and make your yard a safe, secure space for your happy, healthy pup. Here’s why bamboo fencing is ideal for dogs in your backyard:

  • It’s tall. For pet owners who worry about dogs jumping or climbing over fencing and escaping from backyards, bamboo pet fences are a reliable solution. Available in durable rolls with natural and manufactured materials in various sizes, lengths and heights up to eight feet, a bamboo fence can provide the structure and height you need to encompass your yard and keep your dog safely enclosed without the risk of leaping the top.
  • It’s smooth. If your pup is a clever climber and has figured out a few ways to scale your other fence material to make it over the top, don’t worry. In addition to its height, bamboo is also smooth, slippery and relatively flat in surface structure. Because bamboo paneling comes in rolls for fences, it serves as an even surface to enclose your yard, block the exterior and prevent dogs from climbing over — because it has no footholds or horizontal structures and is mostly flat, bamboo paneling is especially difficult for dogs to climb.
  • It’s pretty sturdy. Do you have an enthusiastic pup who likes to chase animals, keep up with cars and people passing by and do a little digging at the base of your fence? Will they put weight on the fence, push up against it or try to peer over? Don’t worry about your fence bending, breaking or wearing significantly from your dog’s weight and active excitement — bamboo fences are extremely strong, sturdy and durable. They’re resistant to weight, wind and weather, so you can be sure your fence will hold up against your rowdy pup and keep them contained.
  • It provides some privacy. For the reactive dogs who will bark nonstop at neighbors, nearby pups, passing cars and other outside stimuli, bamboo fences offer a little relief — both for your dog’s senses and for the rest of the neighborhood. By providing some coverage with bamboo roll paneling, bamboo fences can help to shield dogs from exterior distractions, so they’re not constantly barking at anything that moves outside your yard — disrupting and possibly intimidating neighbors or causing issues with other dogs. While it provides this privacy, the narrow spaces between the fence poles still give the impression that your yard is open and airy.
  • It establishes a barrier. It’s not always just your dog you need to keep in with your fence. It can be exterior elements you want to keep out. By wrapping around your yard for full coverage and moderate privacy — rather than the open-space enclosure of a wooden-post or chain-link fence — a bamboo fence establishes a clear barrier to mark your property, define your dog’s running space and keep outside elements — like children or stray and outdoor animals — from trespassing or providing distractions for your dog. You won’t have to worry about kids poking sticks through the fence rungs or squirrels and cats darting through because there won’t be any open space in your fence structure to allow it.
  • It’s relatively easy to install. Unlike the process of installing a chain-link or wooden fence from scratch, bamboo fencing is moderately easy to install as a dog-proof cover for already-existing fences. It attaches over links and posts to reinforce your fence, provide an extra privacy barrier and make your yard more suitable as a safe, secure, enclosed space for your dog.

Strong, Sturdy and Durable Bamboo Fencing

Why Choose Bamboo Fencing?

If you’re looking for height, durability and extra privacy in fencing material when shoring up your yard as a puppy play area, you might think any privacy screen or solid fence panel material can be used interchangeably and efficiently, so why choose bamboo?

From its convenience and natural material considerations to its appearance and functionality, bamboo offers the best benefits for enclosing your yard and protecting your pet area. Here’s what makes bamboo fencing so fantastic:

Benefits of Bamboo Fencing for Pets

1. Convenience

For any yard, dimensions, needs and pre-existing structures, bamboo fencing is moderately easy to work with and is customizable to your specific needs. You can also likely install it yourself, depending on the difficulty of your individual project. Plus, you can adjust the size and cut of your bamboo paneling based on your vision for your yard and the structures that already exist.

Rather than needing to be installed professionally or through a detailed process involving each post, bamboo paneling rolls out and attaches to your fence structure simply and efficiently. The material is flexible and adjustable to whatever size and shape you need in your yard.

2. Eco-Friendliness

If you worry about contributing to environmental damage or waste by using artificial materials, toxic chemicals or detrimental processes for the production of your yard materials, don’t worry about using bamboo for dog-proofing your garden area or enclosure. Bamboo is an all-natural, organic material that’s grown and harvested without the need for pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals.

All-Natural Organic Bamboo Material

Not only is bamboo’s production process safe for the environment, but the material is completely renewable and won’t deplete resources — because the stalks used for paneling are harvested without killing the entire plant. In fact, bamboo will continue to grow back at an average of 24 inches each day, replenishing the harvested material quite quickly. Bamboo plants contribute 35 percent more oxygen into the earth’s atmosphere and prevent soil erosion — so when you install a bamboo pet fence, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint.

3. Durability

While wood and metal fence materials are especially susceptible to wear and tear, rust, mold, breakage and break-down, bamboo is sturdy, hardy and less susceptible to damage.

In fact, bamboo boasts a higher tensile strength and strength-to-weight ratio than steel structures, making it ideal for protecting both your pets and your property.

4. Value and Affordability

With its easy ability to grow in large supplies and be renewed naturally, bamboo has a remarkable value for an extremely affordable price. As one of the best, most cost-effective fencing materials on the market, it also equips you with practical long-term durability, attractiveness and functionality.

How expensive is bamboo? Affordable cheap bamboo fencing

5. Atmosphere

Besides keeping your pet safe and creating a boundary for your property, bamboo fencing can help to create an attractive and relaxing atmosphere for your space.

Since bamboo has a tropical feel, it’s a natural way to incorporate that theme into your fenced-in area. Bamboo fencing for pets is also light and natural, so it can help make your space appear larger rather than small and closed in. Chain link fences may clash with your house or cheapen the aesthetic quality of the property, but bamboo works with your space to enhance it — all the while providing that much-needed enclosure for your pet.

6. Security

In addition to safely enclosing your dog, your bamboo fence will provide extra security for your house by discouraging and deterring trespassers or intruders. With their height and their difficulty to scale, bamboo fences are an excellent way to protect and encompass your yard while also keeping it free of litter and debris.

High Protective Bamboo Fence

7. Boundaries

If you and your neighbors happen to have any disagreements or misunderstandings concerning your property lines — or you experience unwanted, accidental trespassers cutting through your yard, your bamboo fence establishes a clear, friendly physical boundary to show others where your yard starts and ends, ensuring they respect your property.

8. Enhancement of Existing Structures

One of the best parts of bamboo fencing is how simple it is to incorporate into existing structures, updating, modernizing and reinforcing their appearance and function. For example, you can attach bamboo fencing rolls to common materials like chain link fences, wood, concrete, cement blocks and more. Pet-proof your yard and update your aesthetic by installing a bamboo pet fence over your more dated, slit-rail fence.

If you’re creating an entirely new structure like a cordoned-off pet area or a fence for your entire yard, bamboo is an equally efficient, sturdy choice that’s not too challenging to install. Whether you’re updating or building new, a bamboo fence is sure to enhance your yard with safety, security and aesthetic appeal.

Aesthetic Appeal of Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo Fencing From Forever Bamboo

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