Bamboo Fence

A bamboo fence is a classic element for a tropical-themed yard. Bamboo certainly evokes an island-feel better than chain link or vinyl. As a renewable and extremely durable material, bamboo can hold its own, going head to head with steel, so it is also a smart choice for building a fence, even if adding a touch of the tropics isn’t on your priority list. However, you can use the versatile material around the house in unique ways that will dress up your outdoor decor and set your yard apart from the neighborhood.

A Variety of Ways to Construct a Bamboo Fence

Before moving beyond the perimeter, though, consider the variety of ways you can construct a bamboo fence. The simplest way is to install fencing material over an existing fence. That is an easy enough solution to a boring and drab wooden, vinyl or chain link enclosure. If the fence you want to makeover is chain link, you might also consider weaving bamboo slats through it. That technique may be a little more time-consuming but, as sturdy as it is, bamboo is also surprisingly flexible, so weaving an entire fence line using bamboo slats may not actually take as much time as you think. Alternatively, you can use the slats to build a fence from the ground up to provide privacy where there previously was none.

Bamboo Fence

Moving into the yard, you can use bamboo to create a seating area around a fire pit. Building a short bamboo fence not only provides a wind-break, but it also sets the area apart from the rest of the yard. A fence made of bamboo is a creative and attractive way to hide garbage bins. Just such a fence also provides seclusion for an outdoor reading area. After the fence is constructed, all you need to do is outfit it with a comfy place to sit and a side table to hold a cool drink.

Whatever type of bamboo fence you want to build, come to Forever Bamboo for the bamboo products you need to create the yard of your dreams.